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A perfect Christmas jewellery styling and gifting guild

Nothing justifies Christmas more than a nice set of jewellery. With Christmas right around the corner, all the houses in the nation are well lit-up. If you want to be more involved with Christmas, you must share the same vibe by wearing an exquisite jewellery set like an American Diamond Necklace Set or a Polki Kundan Necklace which matches the vibrancy of the festival.



The rich aura of red, green, blue and gold that Christmas brings along makes everything fall into place for you to style those new jewellery sets. The Winter colours and the cozy fashion makes the festive season even more joyful.

The Christmas tree should not be the only thing which is well-lit in your home. Choosing Christmas jewellery can be a very tiring job as no one wants to look underdressed at the biggest festival of the year. This guild will help you pick the best jewellery which you can style this Christmas.

Try to match your jewellery to a red or green dress as those are the most loved dress for Christmas. We recommend that you take a look at Pearl Pendant and Earrings American Diamond Set and if you plan on wearing something green then try Luxury Green Emerald American Diamond Necklace from Niscka. If you want to look fabulous in this family get-together then you must rock this Emerald Pendant Set from Niscka which will be perfect for all those parties.






The other best pick for this festive week will be the gold statement jewellery sets as there are versatile and will complement whichever dress you’ll be wearing. Minimal and light gold-plated pedants like the Delicate Gold Toned Necklace from Niscka can very well be the perfect Christmas ornament. Gold-plated earrings paired with gold-plated bangles are also a popular choice amongst the ladies this weekend.



Styling a layered chain necklace has never failed anyone no matter the event and for Christmas, it could be the best pick for all the young ladies. The layered Silver Pendant Necklace and Rose and Star Layered Pendant from Niscka are the best picks for this Christmas. The best thing about layered necklaces is that they sit nicely over any dress and will never overpower your dresses. Niscka’s collection boasts a large variety of layered necklaces which are selling out quickly so make sure you check them at the earliest.



Coming in next on the list are the Pearl necklaces. Pearl necklaces are the only necklaces which share a similar cozy winter vibe with the end-of-the-year festive season. Pearl necklaces look amazing when worn with a black dress or if you are from that group which loves to hang out on Christmas eve and will rock those long black coats then a pearl necklace will be the only fitting option for you. There is a special Pearl layered necklace which is designed especially for you to style this Christmas.

If you want something attractive and unique then we recommend that you go for the floral pendant set from Niscka. This pendant set is made with cultured faux pearl and American diamond and gives your outfit the perfect touch with the right amount of glitter.


However, if you plan on wearing such a dress which hides your neck then we suggest that you wear a nice pair of statement earrings and a pair of American diamond bracelets to complete your festive attire.



Christmas is incomplete without the exchange of gifts and what is a better gift than jewellery for your loved ones? Here is a list of the most fitting jewellery pieces that you can gift this Christmas.

The prime candidate will be American Diamond Pendants as they are light and look the most aesthetic making them the ideal gifts for Christmas. The next best Christmas jewellery gift will be CZ bracelets and earrings. There is no reason to not like a CZ bracelet and earring they are minimal and look just exquisite. Other traditional jewellery gifts like Swarovski pendants, American diamond rings and statement earrings are the evergreen choices for gifts which can never go wrong.



If you are looking for a gift for that special someone then going for a crystal American diamond necklace set is the safest bet as it is versatile and sober. If you want a light or more minimal option for your gift then a solitaire pendant will be perfect as they are ideal for everyday use.



There are a number of options for you if you decide to surprise your friends this Christmas. If you are on a tight budget, how about gifting your friends a nice pair of hoop earrings or maybe a solitaire pendant that could make your friend’s day. Other than this Niscka offers a wide range of giftable jewellery head over to our collection and explore the diversity of amazing products.

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