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Best Birthday Jewellery Gift For Your Virgo Girlfriend

Every gift given to your lover should be a thoughtful process, especially if she’s a Virgo

Virgo's season starts on 23 August and ends on about September 22 or 23. It is an Earth element. This is the reason they are significantly grounded and sensually connected to the earth. As they are the earth element and are very much concerned with their health and well-being.    

She’s probably the one who always wishes to be neat and orderly and loves to appreciate the beauty around her. Also, she might be very keen on details. Like they are very conscious of even minute details.  

The symbolism of Virgo is represented by a maiden/virgin. She is carrying a shaft of wheat. The maiden symbolises Virgo's ability and needs to help and serve others. The wheat symbolises Virgo's ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. Virgo can introspect deeply into the details. 

To give them a gift is to find the perfect pair of Earrings, a Pendant or a beautiful floral necklace set. They are perfectionists and connected to the earth as we mentioned above. They should be given most floral pieces of jewellery or the ones which have symbols of flora and fauna. For the details, we’ll let you know if you forgot her lucky color, it’s green and brown. Now, if you give her a fancy piece of jewellery in brown and green tones don’t forget to remind her that her lucky colors are shades of green and brown! The move can be heartwarming and your girl would embrace your existence never before in her life! The best advice you could take from us for your Virgo baby :)) 

Now after giving the picky details of all the virgo’s, we will showcase to you some jewellery which you can gift her. Here we go! 

A pair of cuff Earrings! The pair is engraved with beautiful American Diamonds and the Pearl adds the charm one needs for her spectacular look! They are easy to wear and can match your girlfriend in most outfits. If she’s a lover of fancy ensembles and loves to be the star of the room wherever she goes, these are for her!

The Ring is the best ornament for her! It has those mesmerising Green color stones, which look attractive because of their shiny details. The Serpent Ring is the top trending design these days. The fine detailing of the Rings is the charm of the ornament that she will embrace the most! Also, the Rhodium Plated Plating makes it skin friendly for her, so no worries about that.

Do you know what a ring signifies? A commitment is a promise that one has to cherish forever and keep in your heart till the end of time. You do not need any occasion to remind her that you want to be her part and parcel of every moment of happiness and sorrow. But you can give her a ring to remind her of your commitments & efforts to be with her till the end of time.

A Layered Necklace can be an amazing choice to go for. You’d like to give her the most trending pieces of Jewellery with the latest fashion. A Layered Necklace with the Moon and Stars would be just adorable! You can buy and make her wear this with your friend, to remind and realise her that she matters and she’s a special kind.

The Bracelet has a charm which she adores! The fine green color stones add a graceful element, which one cannot ignore. These are perfect for her because of the shiny green stones. Best for her everyday essentials to match with.

A thoughtful gift will make her feel grateful for your love for her, and that’s all you need to have in your life. A loving partner who gives effort to your partnership and celebrates you both being together. Buy her lovely products from Niscka this season and make her birthday memorable with the most fantastic pieces of Niscka Jewellery.

Happy Shopping!!

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