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Buy Jewellery For Your Best Friend This Friendship Day

Friendship Day in India is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. The day is to embrace friendships. Friends play a crucial role in our life. They help us achieve the right success and show the absolute path of righteousness. They make us more understanding and vulnerable with time.

Buy Jewellery For Your Best Friend This Friendship Day


The celebration on this day began in 1935 when the US congress dedicated a day in the honour of friends. Celebrating friendship was not exactly the motto. The day was a reminder to embrace positivity and spread love because of all the wars that happened before it (First World War). The effects were devastating. So the need for love and peace was greater than ever. 

The idea was first introduced by the founder of Hallmark cards, Joyce Hal, in 1920. The ambition was to exchange greeting cards. But later in 1958, Dr Ramon Artemia Bracho created the term ‘Friendship Day’ and started a foundation as well.

From childhood, we all have celebrated this day full of love exchanging friendship bands for each other. Some have exchanged gifts in the name of love and friendship. Buying presents has always been a way to express love and affection for one another. 

This Friendship Day celebrates your incredible moments of love and friendship by exchanging perfect pieces of jewellery for your best friends. The shiny American Diamond Earrings or classic Oxidised Jewellery and the colorful pops to make your gift unique and lovely! 

Niscka has a wide range of jewellery to choose from. We will showcase some of our jewellery and you can have a glance or maybe buy some :))   

Hoop Earrings are loved by all girls. They are the ones which make your jewellery collection more trustable. The style goes with almost anything. The most versatile style of earrings is the Hoops! Buy this one for your friend and remind her that comfort and ease come from buying the right kind of accessory for oneself. Hoops are the ones!

Stud Earrings are effortless to carry with any outfit you wear. They are usually small or minimal in size. We have tons of variety in this style. The choices go from Rose Gold Plated to Silver Plated. Lots of color varieties from which you can pick one easily.

Sequin Earrings are the most loved style from Niscka. They are Statement Earrings, catchy and attractive.

You can also buy American Diamond Bracelets to show a resemblance to friendship bands. We have beautiful bracelets with gemstone embellishment. Check them out:

Celebrate the day with your friends by showering them with fancy jewellery. You can buy anything you wish and do not forget to apply your coupons and enjoy the discounts from Niscka!

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Happy Shopping!

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