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How to take care of artificial Jewellery: Best 7 Tips

Who doesn’t love artificial jewellery? And everyone has that special Artificial jewelry set they love but everyone did not know how to take care of artificial jewelry. Niscka offers the amazing and Quality product in the modern era. It has a variety of artificial jewellery like Bangles, necklaces, earrings and Mangatikka. So, In this article, we are going to provide all the important tips to take care of your article jewellery set. That increases the lifetime of your jewellery.

Keep them away from Chemicals

All kinds of artificial jewelry sets may lose their color and its durability when exposed to chemicals. No matter how small the amount of the chemical. It is still harmful to your jewellery. Even your daily use products like perfumes, hair spray, serums and many more have some amount of chemicals that may tarnish your jewellery.

How to take care of artificial Jewellery


Have a designated box to hold your Jewellery (gum-free mainly plastic)

To keep the polish on your jewellery for a longer period, store it in an airtight box or zip lock bag. A separate plastic airtight box will be the best option for your jewellery storage as other jewellery boxes may have chemicals in their glue that might affect your jewellery. Also, the box helps you separate your jewellery as keeping two various pieces of rose gold jewellery may not be a good option because the polish on one piece of jewellery may tarnish another.


how to take care earrings


Use bubble wraps or zip locks

sing bubble wraps to store your jewellery may be the safest option as the bubble wrap gives the best protection. Zip locks can also be used to separate your jewellery with ease. As the zip locks will also help in keeping your jewellery with minimum atmospheric contact keeping its shine for a longer time and also doesn’t let them get tangled.

Avoid contact with water

Moisture is a big no for any jewellery. you can also assume it to be its biggest enemy. Please avoid contact with water all the time as the moisture may tarnish the jewellery and it may lose its original shine quickly. You should never store wet jewellery always dry it with soft tissue and then store it in a zip lock bag.

Use dry cotton to clean

how to take care neckalces

The best option to clean your jewellery is to use dry cotton or soft tissues. As this will help keep the shine of the jewellery. it will also help keep your jewellery bacteria-free. You can also use a small soft brush to remove any dust on the jewellery. you can also use wipes to clean your jewellery effectively.

Keep silica get packets with your Jewellery

Keeping silica packets helps a lot as it absorbs moisture and help protect your jewellery from tarnishing. They are most ideal for silver jewellery as they reduce their chances of rusting by more than 90 per cent. It is always good to keep your jewellery out of extreme heat exposure too.

American diamond necklaces, American diamond bracelets, and artificial bridal jewelry sets require a lot of care and these care instructions will surely help you take care of your jewellery and help keep the original shine for a longer time.

Do Not Store Wet Jewellery 

Most people wear expensive jewellery but are not aware of how to store it. They do even not care about whether it is wet or not. That result may cost them.

How to take care of artificial Jewellery

Therefore, need to your jewellery dry first after that store in a box. If stores wet jewellery  It may effect and develop tarnish in it.


Great tips, thanks for the tips.

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