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How to Wear Stone Jewellery with your Different Wardrobes

Stones, pebbles and crystals have been used for ages. They are cut from the original stone and then carved to form beautiful designs and sometimes spectacular geometric patterns. The geometric patterns made on stones need fine detailing with a flawless finish and luster if there is any. Stone-embedded jewellery is always in trend.

They are the forever loved pieces of jewellery which one should have in their jewellery collection. A pair of fancy stone earrings or pendants look very fashionable as well as aesthetic with all your ensembles. They look just fabulous! The style is different because it is not metal. They are completed with the help of chains and hooks. 

Some precious stones known as Gemstones have some qualities which help the wearer from certain unwanted energies around them. The properties of these stones are useful for the same. Some of them are amethyst, rose quartz and aquamarine etc. They are expensive ones in the market. Jewellery designers also use Cubic Zircons famously known as American Diamonds. They are most precious in Artificial Jewellery. They look just like natural diamonds but are different in quality and available at low prices. 

Stones in the jewellery can be used in minimum to maximum sizes depending on the design of the jewellery. The design can be unfinished or crafted with utmost precision to give a fine finish. It all depends on the design of the jewellery. You have to find which one suits you the most in this category. Niscka has some adorable pieces of jewellery with fine shiny stones. We will have a look at these pieces and learn about the different specifications of the stones. 

Layered Stone Necklace Set

The Necklace Set has a bundle of layers crafted from tiny red stones. Making this one a magnificent and colorful piece of adornment for women who want an Indian look as well as keeping a mild touch of fashion without making it a boring one. This type of Jewellery can be matched with your western outfits as well as Traditional outfits, there’s no doubt about that! But you have chosen very carefully without making yourself look odd in the crowd. The color of this one is special. Not too blingy nor too low! The perfect shine of tiny white pebbles makes this one a perfect choice for the women who decided to wear red for the day!

Onyx Stone Earrings

These earrings have onyx stone embellished on them with an unfinished design. The earring can be best paired with your Western ensembles. Stone Earrings are a must-have for your collection. The leaf charm on the above part of the earrings gives a significant lustre that one needs for their overall look. Black color suits with all the dresses making everything just hassle-free. When in doubt, wear black! They are best for jewellery.

Hydro Stone American Diamond Set

There’s Hydro Stone which comes on the list now! They have a shine that one cannot ignore! They shine magnificently when paired with American Diamonds in the design. They both make a perfect match that a woman desires to have in her jewellery collection. They have a shine different from the usual stones. The Hydro Stones are made from glass and have a transparent body. Other stones have less shine as well as a blurry body.

They are not at all like Hydro Stones. You can find the distinction between the two while looking at them closely. If a stone has a transparent body then understand it as a glass aka hydro stone. The American Diamond on the Necklace Set adds charm and a luxurious touch making this one a perfect choice for celebrations.

Stud Stone Earrings

The Earrings have a Panther Design with multi-color stone embellishment. These Earrings by Niscka have the most bright colored stones with top-quality American Diamonds. Studs are the type which can be adorned with every ensemble without any second thoughts. These stones on the Gold Plated body match gracefully. The stones used in this one have the design of the eyes and make the charming pink color shine beautifully! The combination of colors makes this one a fabulous pick for every occasion! Pair them with your Western ensembles and be the shining star of the room.

Mother of Pearl with Onyx Stone

Mother of Pearl Set with Earrings and Onyx Stone is a must-have Necklace Set by Niscka. This Stone Necklace Set is beautiful! This bright vermillion color, Mother of Pearl Designing with Meenakari detailing is a perfect match for your Indian wardrobes. The design is layered with Mother of Pearls and Onyx stone on the Gold Plated body. This also has Kundan Stone embellished. Everything in one! Wear them with your sarees and suits!

Stone Jewellery is one of the most prominent designs in the industry. The style is unique and no less than other Jewellery materials. Not only common stones but also high-quality jewellery made of Cubic Zircons. Jewellery made with fine quality materials can be found anywhere but Niscka. The materials we use are promising and cannot be compared to any other jewellery. They are fine! Once you buy our jewellery you’ll be the one to shop for the latest ones from our Online Store.

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