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Indian Women Are Fond Of Anklets

For westerners, an anklet is just like a piece of jewellery that will enhance their feet' look. But for Indians, anklets are of heavy significance. Here anklets are worn for centuries. Further, when Westerners came to rule India, they loved this jewellery and started wearing it for fashion. For Indian women, anklets are a vital part of their attire. Locally, it is known as Payal. It has great significance in Eastern countries too. Anklets come up with great social and spiritual significance. Although many people from different countries wear anklets but Indian anklets have prominence to the point where they are being copied across the world.

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Anklets are like a bracelet that has a dangle from the ankle. This is the oldest type of jewellery and it has different significance in different places. Anklets are important aspects of a women's ornamentation.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why anklets are so important in Indian culture.

Respect for women

Anklets are one of the jewellery that is highly adorned by women. Before the independence, women were not allowed to go outside or meet with any outsiders. And also they have to keep their distance from the male members of the family. So the sound of anklets makes the members aware of the presence of women. And the sound indicates that a woman is coming so that other people can respect her.

No wastage of energy

Indians believe that if you wear an anklet then you will be not wasting energy from your body. They say that wearing an anklet will stop the leakage of body energy in the environment. Indians believe that there is the continuous emission of energy into the environment through our hands and feet. So wearing any precious metal can stop the leakage of energy in the environment. And also help to keep the people stay away from you who are of negative vibes.

Marriage sign

In India, women wear heavily embellished anklets made of different gemstones and metals. The anklets say about the marital status of a woman. If a woman is wearings a heavy anklet it means that she is married. Anklets help to protect the relationship between wife and husband from evil eyes. Even single girls also wear anklets but they are not that much heavy as married women wear. Single girls wear anklets to get a good husband.

Always prefer silver anklets

We have seen that Indians wear silver anklets not gold ones. Indians believe that gold is a metal of God and can't be worn or touched on the feet. It is disrespectful behaviour for the devoted people of India. They believe that wearing gold anklets will bring misfortune to their lives.

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