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Jewellery blossoms your Rose day

Valentine's week is here and we’re all set to celebrate the season of love. Valentine’s week gives us a moment to show our loved ones how much we love them. This week people are eagerly preparing to express their love to their loved ones or to confess their love to their crush. Although we love our loved ones every day. But on valentine’s week, we celebrate our love. Today that is 7th of February is the beginning of Valentine’s week which is Rose Day. Love is celebrated magnanimously throughout valentine’s week but it starts with Rose Day. For ages, roses remained a message of love. The confession of love gets more true when done with roses. It is said that the practice of gifting roses was initiated by Victorians to express their love for each other. Since then, Rose Day is celebrated for expressing love. A whole day is dedicated to all the vibrant roses that speak of all levels of love, appreciation, respect, and gratitude.

The cultivation of roses was initiated around 5000 years ago in Chine. But no one knows the actual time and year since when the rose day was adopted as a part of valentine’s week celebration. That's why these roses are the most popular and available gift options so it has been considered as the entire day in valentine’s week.

Gifting roses on Rose Day is always the best option. But for your extraordinary relationship and bond your gift should be extraordinary too. Make your gift interesting with some twist of jewellery in it. Jewellery as a valentine’s gift for her is the best gift to give. Valentine’s necklaces and earrings are the simplest way to spice up your Rose Day gift. Jewellery is always a good idea for Valentine's Day gift. Because jewellery is what every girl loves and it is the best way to convey your love. Niscka is always available with the best valentine’s day jewellery you want. Let's have look at the best Rose Day jewellery.

Pink Rhinestone Pendant


Gold Feather Statement Earrings


Feather & Pearl Ear Cuff


Open Hoop Purple Rose Earrings


Flower Hoops Drop Earrings

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