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Jewellery Guide for your Interviews from Niscka

Whenever we have an upcoming interview it's challenging to choose the right jewellery for the purpose. The adornments we wear on the day of interviews should not be too flashy or bold. One should always select jewellery which gives a subtle vibe and look. It is always said, first impressions are everything. Dressing well will always give you a plus point. It helps in creating a lasting impression for the interviewer.   


As we know, less is always more. We cannot dress up like we are going for a talk show. It should be more decent and classy. Niscka will showcase fine jewellery with the most amazing tips which you can keep in mind and then prepare yourself for the interviews. 

In the jewellery collection, we have the most subtle-looking earrings, rings and a variety of pendant necklaces and bracelets. You can always choose the best for yourself when you know the right move to make. So here we go!               


You can choose to wear stud earrings. They are small or minimalistic in their size. Usually available in different colors and designs. Niscka’s speciality is that we have designs which are available in different colors. So you can always pick the color matching to your choice of attire. Water drop studs or stone pearl studs, anything you wish for! 

Have a look at our most desired products of the month. They can be matched with almost anything you’d like and they are best for your formal interviews. Find a pair which is unique for all. 

Tips for Earrings

Always go for small earrings. They should be lightly visible so that it doesn't create any disturbance for the interviewer and you as well. Avoid earrings like hoops, jhumkas or any long-length dangler. They’ll look very unprofessional.


Niscka has the most stylish and trendy layered and pendant necklace set collection. With both gold-plated and silver-plated bodies. They are very light in weight, so you do not have to worry about that. Some women have doubts when purchasing necklaces that they can be heavy or there will be a sense of uneasiness. But with us being your friendly guide with the most precious pieces of jewellery, there should be no second thoughts.

Tips for Necklace

You should always avoid chunky and too much of sparkly pieces of jewellery. They will create a very shabby impression. You can wear something small yet elegant. Layered necklaces are very much loved by women and are in fashion trends as well. We would suggest they are suitable ones for a job interview.


Rings are the most sophisticated choice for your interviews. While talking to a person moving your hands to give an easy gesture is required sometimes. Wearing a ring will give a good impression for sure! A simple American Diamond Ring is the best option!

Tips for Ring

Avoid rings which are too designer. Wear simple ones. Too much design can be weird for a formal dressed-up woman. So keep in mind.


They are the most preferred accessory for interviews. The bracelets having sleek and think bodies are the accurate ones. While wearing bracelets avoid adding rings. But you can always pair the one with your watch. They both together are a great combination. Make sure your bracelet is not too loud with poppy colors.

Tips for Bracelet

When you go for a bracelet, remember that you may have to write something if asked by your interviewer, so wear the one which has ease while writing or doing any other task. Too many dangling charms or chains can be a little uncomfortable for you. So be smart with your decisions.

We hope you like our jewellery and tips which are easy to follow and give you the best results. Niscka always believes in providing the best for its customer. These tips are thought-driven with much attention. You can check more jewellery on our website Niscka

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