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Have you ever noticed a greenish-black pigment around your finger and wondered if the ring caused any allergy? You do not have to worry! It is not an allergy. The faded color has appeared because of the materials of the ring.


How does it happen?

Your sweat releases many fats, fatty acids, and chlorides. The faded color appears because of the chemical reaction between acids in your skin and the metal of the ring. It can also happen because of a reaction between another substance on your hand such as body lotion with the metal of the ring

Various metals oxidize or react with your skin to produce discoloration. It can happen when you wear a ring made of copper. Some ring materials are made of copper while others have a plating of another metal over copper. Also, copper can be part of the metal alloy for example sterling silver. The color which appears on your skin is not harmful itself. Although some people can experience an itchy rash or any other kind of sensitivity reaction. You have to make sure that it is not an allergy. If you feel any kind of itchiness, pain or bumps, then it can be a cause of allergy. The most common allergen found in rings is nickel followed by cobalt and chromium. So you have to make sure to rule out the metals that rarely cause any allergy like platinum, stainless silver, and copper. Yellow Gold and sterling silver on their own are known as hypo-allergenic.  

Sometimes Silver and Gold jewellery can produce skin discoloration, so trying different jewellery materials may not be in the solution. But you can take care of your jewellery by avoiding soaps, lotions and all other chemicals away from your ring. Remove all your rings or any other jewellery before bathing, swimming especially in saltwater.  

How can you avoid your ring finger turning green/black?

  • Do not expose your ring to water or detergents for long. Make sure you take your ring off every time you wash your hands, and do dishes or do laundry. 
  •  Remove your finger while going into swimming pools or spas.
  • Store your jewellery in pouches to avoid rings from tarnishing due to humidity at night. It also protects the outer plating i.e gold, silver or rhodium plating. 
  • You can use jewellery shields or if you have a spare clear nail polish you can coat the jewellery with it. It acts as a barrier between the ring and the surroundings protecting it from turning your finger green or black. 

    Here are some useful tips which you can follow. Niscka makes sure you have ample information regarding any query about jewellery and its material.  

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