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Kundan, Polki and The Art of Jadau: Here Is What You Need to Know

Want to buy Antique Kundan Jewellery for occasions? This information eases your confusion around Kundan Jewellery! 

Kundan is a jewellery form made from the purest form of Gold. It is typically a setting which encases the different stones. Uncut or any other precious stone. It is one of the oldest art forms which dates back to the Mughal Era. 

Also, the term Kundan has two connotations. Sometimes people get confused between the two. The Kundan has the purest form of Gold. And sometimes the glass is used in the place of uncut diamond Kundan Jewellery to cut costs. However, both gold and silver are still used as the base metal therefore it is considered precious jewellery.

Kundan, Polki and The Art of Jadau: Here Is What You Need to Know

Niscka’s Kundan Maang Tikka Set

Now, what is Polki? 

Polki or uncut diamonds are stones which do not undergo fine finishing to bring out the various shapes like emerald, pear or cushion cuts. They are known for their undone cuts. They do not have any shape or emit shine like natural diamonds. They have their charm for us to admire. 

The history dates back around 2500 years. It was brought to our country by the Mughals. Then it made its way into the Rajputi/Rajasthani families of the country. With time it became valuable like any other form of jewellery design. 

The art of bringing together Kundan and Polki is Jadau. The word Jad means to be embedded. In Jadau the Stones/Polki adhere to Gold without the help of any adhesive. 

There is no polki jewellery without Kundan. But there’s Kundan without Polki. 

To sum up, Kundan is the setting which encases the stones/uncut/glass. The polki are unfinished diamonds with a raw finish. The Kundan is used as an encasement to set polki stones. And the art of making Kundan Jewellery is known as Jadau. Simple as it is!

Priyanka Chopra wearing Kundan Jewellery

Priyanka Chopra wearing Kundan Jewellery on her wedding day.

You can shop for some of the best Kundan and Meenakari Jewellery from Niscka. Meenakari and Kundan Jewellery are very much adored by women, usually for occasions like weddings. Meenakari is the art of enamelling colors into jewellery with different floral motifs. We have exquisite Collection Jewellery with beautiful handcrafted Meenakari Designs with Kundan Stone embellishment.

Happy Shopping With Niscka!

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