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Madhuri Dixit Who Charmed Us With The Gorgeous Jewellery

Madhuri Dixit is the original Bollywood diva who charmed the entire audience for more than two decades, with her blockbusting and superb acting also how can we forget her most beautiful smile? The legend is equally famous for her iconic roles and her graceful dance. She was also an Indian reality show judge. She has such an elegant personality that everyone wants to be like her. She gave the world the best movies and dance. Her last seen in the Indian cinema was Kalank. She also started her own online dance academy named Dance With Madhuri.

Madhuri Dixit
                   Image Source: cdn.shopify.com


The Dhak Dhak girl looks stunning each time she steps out in the world. She is not only iconic in acting and dancing, but her fashion style also grabbed a large audience and fans. People love her traditional fashion and especially how she carries it. I think so everyone admired her saree look with amazingly best jewellery. Even with her western look, she carried the best pair of jewellery to enhance her look at best. Like her dance, she knows how to carry her outfit so gracefully.

Here are some of the top popular and beautiful jewellery collections of the legend Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit With Gorgeous Jewellery
             Image Source:assets.vogue.in


This look of Madhuri Dixit involves the most trending green emerald necklace set. This necklace set resembles the yellow saree so beautifully that it becomes one of her top looks. If you loved this jewellery of Madhuri then you should have a look at this necklace set of Niscka.

Emerald Drop American Diamond Necklace Set


Madhuri nailed this look. Her Paithani saree complements the white meenakari choker and the matching earrings. She also adorns the beautiful nath so gracefully. If you’re searching for a similar pair of jewellery then you should have a look at this jewellery of Niscka.

         Image Source: www.southjewellery.com


Pearl White Meenakari Choker Necklace Set


These chandbaalis look so beautiful on Madhuri. She adorn a pink and pastel blue silk saree and paired it with these beautiful earrings which gave her a detailed look. If you liked this amazing pair of earrings then you should have a look at this beautiful earring of Niscka.

                      Image Source: s3.theasianparent.com


Red Color Fancy Meenakari Earring


Madhuri taught us how to pair saree and jewellery so beautifully. She wore this amazing pink saree and paired it with a beautiful pink diamond choker which resembles each other perfectly. If you loved this jewellery of Madhuri’s then you should have a sneak peek at this piece of jewellery.

         Image Source: i.zoomtventertainment.com


Water Blue American Diamond Necklace Set


South Indians love to wear temple jewellery. Even temple jewellery is the prime jewellery in South Indian weddings. Madhuri looks gorgeous in this temple jewellery. She adorns this beautiful yellow saree with a green blouse and pairs it with amazing beautiful gold temple jewellery. If you’re also fond of gold temple jewellery then you should have a look at this temple jewellery of Niscka.

             Image Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com


24k Gold Plated Temple Matar Mala Necklace with Earrings


She amazed us with many of her fabulous looks. She became the fashion icon for most of us. And we all want to have the same look as our idol. And Niscka is working to fulfil your every wish. Niscka is available with every possible jewellery you wish to have in your wardrobe.

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