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Minimalist Earring Collection

Earrings are women’s favorite accessory to adorn. It is a perfect piece of jewellery which highlights your facial features. Choosing a pair which suits your face is a necessity. Earrings are available in versatile designs, sizes and colors. The choices are just endless. When a woman starts to buy earrings for her collection she makes sure she has every variety which is up to date with trends. A collection to match office attire. A different section in your collection which match your everyday moods. And maybe another one which is just separate for your dates and party nights. You can have tons of variety in your Earrings Collection!

Minimalist Earring Collection

Niscka has an immensely fine collection of earrings. From Traditional Meenakari and Kundan Stone embellishment to fine Stone Earrings. We have everything you need! To be specific, earrings have different types of plating. One pair can be rose gold plated and the other one can be silver plated. Indian skin tone has a wide range of skin tone scale. You just have to find the perfect one for yourself. Be sure it will suit your face cut and skin tone. Every woman wants the choice of plating which suits her best.  

A vast variety of Minimal Earrings which have studs, jhumkas with tiny bells and dangler earrings. You can pair them with any outfit according to your moods and desires. There is no hard and fast rule to follow fashion trends or go according to them. But it is always beneficial to be aware of them. We have an immensely beautiful collection. Let's check them out!

Minimalist Stud Earrings with a fine bottle green color with Rose Gold Plated Body. These teardrop earrings are very much loved by women these days. They are easy to carry and look adorable!  

These Silver Plated Stud Earrings are small in size but the design is just heartwarming. It has a floral motif. The cubic zircons have a fine finish. They are best for your date nights! The shimmer in this just flawless :))

The charming yellow color! This one has the color pop you need in your Summer Earring Collection. The stone embedded in it gives a perfect shine for your day look! We have multiple colors in this one. You can check niscka.com for more variety.

They are new Dangler Earrings! Do you know about them? They are earrings which may swing from one side to the other easily. They hang just below the earlobes. Some of them even hang so low that they brush against the shoulder. But these are small in size and we have color options too!

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