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Must-Have Earrings In Your Jewellery Collection

Having our Jewellery Collection fully organised according to the jewellery types and metals is one of the most important tasks every woman has to take care of. Every woman wants to have the most unique and beautiful pieces of earrings and jewellery sets in her collection. We also need jewellery for western and traditional attires. Both collections are equally important to maintain fashionable and updated collections. 

Over the years body modification has been a significant part of our culture. Piercing is one of the ways. It is the oldest and easiest form of body modification. Ear piercing is the most famous among men and women. From childhood little girls get their ears pierced and wear tiny pairs of earrings. The flesh is soft so it is easy to heal. The process becomes easier when you do it at an early age. Although nowadays piercings are no less than one of our fashion trends. So almost all men and women get that done once in a lifetime. Earrings are a versatile pair of accessories. Easy to wear and carry with all the attires you decide for the day. 

Must-Have Earrings In Your Jewellery Collection

Whether you are new in the jewellery game or want to get in the race now, we give the best guidance about whatever you need regarding jewellery. It’s always best to know the benefits of choosing a specific type of jewellery which suits you the best. 

Who wants to wear earrings? The answer is everyone. Adorning beautiful accessories have always been a feminine trait, but it is worn all around the world, by both men and women. It’s a lesser-known fact that before women, men used to adorn earrings. Findings show that earrings were a status symbol among men. Egyptian and Persian men wore accessories to represent their royalty and, on the other hand, European men as the symbol of slavery. Now in this modern age, men wear earrings to convey a sense of fashion style. 

Types of Earrings You Can Find 

When we see this lengthy history of one of our favourite dornments having characteristics like versatility, popularity and numerous designs, one thing that comes to my mind is the power of beauty. Every little piece of jewellery is a creative art for people like me and you. 

There are different designs you can find now. From Hoops, Dangler, Drop and all types of Fashion Jewellery and other genres consisting of Traditional Jewellery. They can be classified based on design and the materials used in them. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, wearing a piece of perfect earrings is crucial. The most common types of earrings worn by women are stud earrings. The style is easy to manage and very versatile to carry everywhere you want. You can find tons of varieties everywhere. 

Traditional jewellery has its charm which cannot be compared to any other jewellery style. They are finely crafted with Kundan Stones, Meenakari and all other types of jewellery detailing. They are essential for your most simple look or your most fashionable look. They always enhance your look and make you look attractive from a different perspective. 

We will showcase different types of earrings and state when and with what you can match them. Here’s a little guide for you. 

Drop Earrings 

They are a versatile pair of jewellery which makes you look sophisticated and you can easily pair them with any of your outfits. Many women like to wear sceptical and colorful pieces of jewellery. They are easily available in drop design. Flashy and floral imprinted earrings which look amazing with your summer outfits to get a breezy and colorful look. Wear drop earrings to create a chic and charming look. 

Must-Have Earrings In Your Jewellery Collection

Hoop Earrings 

They are one of the most desired and easygoing designs for everything. Hoops come in different sizes and designs. Sometimes they are embellished with precious stones like American Diamonds or Swarovski Stones. The best part about the Hoop Earrings is that they can be found in different sizes which makes them more attractive giving us a wide variety of options to choose from. 

Must-Have Earrings In Your Jewellery Collection

Dangler Earrings 

They are slightly different from Drop Earrings. They have different types of shapes and sizes which are movable and do not stay still. Some of the drop earrings have the quality of staying stationary but dangler earrings do not. It moves and does not create any problems. Very comfortable and intriguing pairs can be found in this design. Choose from the best. Here’s one of our favorite designs you can buy for this Christmas Season. 

Silver Earrings


Jhumka Earrings 

They are the choice for women who love to wear Indian Traditionals as their everyday attire. Or there are some occasions you can decide to wear beautiful Indian outfits and enhance your look with Jhumka Earrings. They are the ones that suit the Indian attire gracefully. You can always rely on your Jhumka Earrings to create a statement look as you desire.

AD Earrings

We suggest you choose the best for yourself at every season and every occasion. Earrings always enhance your look and uplift your style quotient. You can choose from a vast variety of designs. You can explore more on our website Niscka. And you’ll not only find jewellery pieces but other jewellery pieces as well like Necklace, Maang Tikka and Earrings Set, Necklace Sets, Fashion Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets and much more! 

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