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Niscka Chandbali Earring Collection

Chandbali has taken over women’s desires for a luxury-looking Earring Collection. If women want something they want the best of it. Over the years, styles and priorities of jewellery have changed. Now we have designs which are full of treasure and fascinating colors. The designs that are coming have reinvented themselves to suit all ages. The style goes from modern to traditional. Chandbalis come in various shapes and sizes. 

As the name suggests, Chand is “Moon” and Bali is known as “earrings”. With the crescent moon shape as the main element of design, the chandbali is intricately decorated with tiny crystals, pearls and stones. In the early days of Rajasthan's Royal Rajput dynasties to Hyderabad’s Nizams, the presence of chandbali earrings can be traced back to ancient times. 

The concept of crescent moon chandbalis and other motifs, came into existence when the Indian and Mughal cultures influenced each other. When Islam settled in India it bought fresh and original creativity to the Hindu style, which is apparent in the architecture, the paintings, the music, and a whole variety of arts and crafts. Heads of lions, peacocks and elephants including all flora came into prominence as finials for jewellery. The combinations of sun and crescent moon became popular in designs.  

Bollywood showcased the most exquisite Chandbali collections, Aishwarya Rai in Jodha Akbar, and Deepika Padukone in legendary Sanjay Leele Bhansali movies. The gorgeous lehengas and the stunning chandbali earrings and a crescent shape Maang Tikka!

Niscka Chandbali Earring Collection

Deepika Padukone in the movie Bajirao wearing a crescent-shaped maang tikka and in the movie Ram Leela wearing statement chandbali earrings. (left to right) 

From head ornaments to earrings, the classic Indian style of earrings has its stronghold over Indian Shringar. When it comes to modern-day chandbalis the designs have transformed into various colors, shapes, sizes and materials. While that is a popular sight, our traditional Indian earrings have a lot more styles to offer the minimal diamond chandbalis and antique chandbalis.       

Niscka has a beautifully immense collection of chandbalis. From peacock chandbalis to hoop chandbalis. We have everything you need for your jewellery collection. One needs to be an Indian woman, born and bred in the great tradition, to realize the sense of the power of crescent moon earrings.

Peacock Chandbalis

The Egyptian blue peacock chandbali are intricately handcrafted with Meenakari enamelling. The chandbali showcases the detailed work of flora and fauna. The hoop is the style which is most catchy and intriguing. We have different colors available in this Peacock Chandbali.

Jhumka Chandbalis

The jhumkas are always adored by women and now this combination looks spectacular! The mesmerising color and the perfect lotus shape jhumkas. We have multiple colors in these as well.

Short Chandbali

These dainty and short earrings with oxidised filigree work. Niscka’s speciality is the plethora of materials available in every type. The hot pink colored earrings are perfect for you if you need something small in your jewellery collection.

Layered Chandbali

They are double-layered crescent moon-shaped earrings that add more glamour to the earrings. They look very attractive because of their style.

Hoop Chandbalis

These hoop earrings are bold and stunning. It does not need any other accessory to pair with. Suitable for almost every occasion. The plus point is that it has an oxidised body. The oxidised ones are versatile and never go out of fashion.

With the unmatched uniqueness of the chandbalis and alluring colors of meenakari, whatever you desire, chandbalis are your best bet. One of the oldest styles now with so much variety moulded into fine materials.

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