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Niscka’s Evil Eye Jewellery Collection

Niscka’s Evil Eye Jewellery Collection

Evil Eye Jewellery is being circulated all around various jewellery brands and collections. People have started loving the trends which are being followed from this Evil Eye Patterned Jewellery. Niscka, as a jewellery brand has an Evil Eye Collection. But first, we would like to share the meaning and history behind the Evil Eye and its benefits.

Niscka’s Evil Eye Jewellery Collection

Jahanvi Kapoor was spotted wearing a marvellous Evil Eye Pendant during her trip to the Maldives. 

Origin of the Evil Eye

Evil Eye is the strongest symbol in the world. However, despite the differences in every culture, the Evil Eye has the same meaning and pattern that is being followed no matter where and what story is told. The earliest evidence shows that the evil eye dates back to ancient Greece and Rome which is about 3000 years back in reviewing history. The Evil Eye symbol was first recorded by the Mesopotamians (an early civilization), and widely used in every religion, i.e; Hindu, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and all others.

What is the meaning of the symbol?     

It is a universal symbol of keeping you safe and sound, which is the most important thing when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. It is a talisman used for protecting yourself and nullifying the strong effects of negative energies cast on you, it is basically a “reflector of harm”. It has a deep spiritual and religious significance.

Wearing it as a charm can do wonders in your life. It suits almost every type of outfit, this endless style of unisex jewellery looks great and is becoming quite trendy. Evil Eye benefits and showcases its impact on the lives of the larger population. The Evil Eye Jewellery is available in different colors and styles. We also have the spiritual meaning of different colors from which evil eye pendants are decorated. 

Dark Blue: It benefits opening the flow of communication, and protects and relaxes the wearer.

Light Blue: Offering protection, peace and solitude. This color also aids in broadening your perspective on life. 

White: Known as the color of purity and symbolizes a fresh start in life, focus, goodness and clearance of obstacles.   

Benefits of Wearing Evil Eye Jewellery 

  • It brings prosperity to the user. Protects them from bad luck, brings good health, and abundance, and brings peace. Drives off the negative energies created by hatred and jealousy.
  • Helps you to stay happy and enjoying fully. It heals you from depression, illness, mental instability and much more. Brings overall well-being to your life. 
  • Possesses so much good vibration, and helps you heal other issues in life in a more positive way.
Niscka’s Evil Eye Jewellery Collection

Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty wear Evil Eye pendants regularly. 

Presenting Niscka’s Evil Eye Jewellery Collection

We have an alluring Evil Eye Double Chain pendant made just for you! It is decorated with precious Diamond Stone. You can carry this one regularly for some special occasion which you want to go effortlessly and with positive vibes!

We have a gold-plated pendant as well. The shine is very bright and attractive. A piece of Jewellery which you can wear anytime you want or for any occasion. Perfectly handcrafted with precious tiny blue stones and Diamond Stones.

This body of Evil Eye embellishment in this one is just unique as ever. One of our most loved pieces in the Necklace Collection. Suits everybody and for every occasion. The uniqueness of this one is that it's Silver Plated, different from all others. Try it out for yourself!

Evil Eye Rakhi Collection

Rakhi season is just around the corner, every year sisters choose the best and most uniquely handcrafted Rakhi for their brothers. This time, Niscka is bringing you a super unique collection of Evil Eye Rakhis. Enchanting blue colors, alluring stones and mesmerising gold-plated bodies. We have everything you need in a Rakhi. The style is just superb with its classic cord tie-up and also not to forget, the stones are just super light in weight. The Rakhi can be used for a long time and as a bracelet. The thread Rakhis usually fades its color and design. The new variety we have will give your brother an experience of a long-time wearable Rakhi.

Wearing jewellery with Evil Eye designs or just wearing them as amulets can be a good choice to go with. If you want to update your jewellery collection and add some more variety to it, these are perfect ones for your new collection. Niscka will bring you tons of varieties! Stay tuned. Till then Happy Shopping!

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