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Tips To Adorn Long And Heavy Earrings Without Any Pain And Discomfort

Long and heavy earrings are so fascinating. And I think we all women love to wear long and heavy earrings, but it is kind of painful and uncomfortable. It's an inconvenience to wear long and heavy earrings but we love it when it looks elegant and stylish. We adorn those long and heavy earrings to look beautiful in an event but after that we hate the pain it causes and we start hating those happy moments too. So to avoid this happening in your life either you stop wearing your favorite long and heavy earrings or bear the pain that it causes. We all know that fashion comes with some consequences but it is not necessary to suffer from every consequence it gives. Just get some hacks to avoid such painful situations. Make your look gorgeous and comfortable with all the accessories you love to wear.

Tips To Adorn Long And Heavy Earrings Without Any Pain And Discomfort
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So this is the kind of situation we all need solutions for. And here we're with some really good hacks and tips that will make it easy for you to adorn your beautiful long and heavy earrings without any pain and discomfort. We hope that it will help you to the best level and can make your experience with long and heavy earrings the best one.

Materials you can try-

The material of earrings is the reason for the weight of any earring. Here try wearing materials which are lighter in weight and provide you with comfort. Oxidized accessories, fiber, silver, plastic, and thread are some of the materials that will be perfect for you. It will provide you with the same designs and styles with comfort and without any pain.

Tape it up-

This is the perfect solution for those long and heavy earrings you already have but you're afraid to adorn because it will cause pain. So just tape them up. The best way to make your long and heavy earrings comfortable. Use double-sided tape behind your ear and then close the ear pin. If the upper part of the earring is heavy, stretching the hole along, so use the small double-sided tape and fix it to the lobe.

Threads are best-

Threads are the best hack to give support to your earring and to fix it tightly. You can easily wring it around the earring pin for the support. Or else use the light color thread around the pinna which reaches to the lobe and supports the earring.

Use magnetic earrings-

Magnetic earrings are the best alternative you can go for to avoid the pain and discomfort of heavy earrings. Substitute the magnets in place of the earring pin and cap are the perfect option for your painless heavy earrings experience. Earrings have the magnets that stick to the lobe and support it to the best.

Clip-on's are never disappointing-

Clip-on's are the best option for those people who are with piercing as well as without piercing. Just switch with the clip-on whenever you adorn the long and heavy earrings. This way you can easily wear the heavy earrings without causing any pain to your earlobe. Clip-on's are very helpful when you're afraid that your piercing hole will get bigger and more painful.

Turmeric, the best medicine-

After wearing long and heavy earrings, try applying turmeric and mixed oil, it will help you to soothe your ear.

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