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Tips To Buy Your Wedding Jewellery

A wedding is the most special moment in a girl’s life. And it is bigger for any Indian bride. Indian weddings are the biggest and fattest occasion of all. We all want to make this day the most special day. A wedding is something an Indian family plans for months. They have different plans for different ceremonies.

For a bride, everything feels like a fairytale. Every bride wants to remain the constant focus in all her wedding. A bride always visualizes her wedding and all the things related to it. And this is the time a bride goes crazy for her attire, jewellery, location, hairstyle, and so on. Apart from every preparation, one thing the most important part of the wedding that is needed to be focused on is the wedding jewellery. Obviously, it's your wedding and everything needs to be perfect including jewellery. But when we talk about wedding jewellery it is necessary not to make any mistakes while buying it. Every bride should know the normal concept for buying her wedding jewellery. After all, it is the main factor which will enhance the bridal look.

Well, you choose the perfect wedding dress, it is equally necessary to choose the perfect jewellery that will complement your dress. So here is the guide to make you know what tips are needed before buying your wedding jewellery.

Don’t overstate your wedding jewellery

We all want to look like the best bride at our wedding. We all want the queen look at our wedding, but we can’t exaggerate our jewellery over our wedding dress. It may look like a mess. And we don’t want to look like a model of a jewellery brand. All we want is a beautiful pair of jewellery that will enhance our wedding dress and wedding makeup not covering that.

                                 Image Source: getethnic.com


Complement your neckline

Neckline is the most important thing when choosing wedding jewellery. Your neckpiece should be chosen according to the neckline. For example- if your wedding dress has a V-shape neckline then any long neckpiece will look terrific instead choose any choker to give it the best look.

Bridal Necklace Ideas
                  Image Source: shaadiwish.com


The colour of the outfit and Jewellery

You must take care that the colour of your outfit is complementing the colour of your jewellery. Look what your wedding dress has the vibe and accordingly decide your wedding jewellery.

       Image Source: image.wedmegood.com


Avoid many colours

The colours are attractive but too many colours will look like a mess. We have discussed that our wedding jewellery colour should complement the wedding attire. But if your wedding dress has too many colours then going with minimal jewellery will be a great idea.

     Image Source:image.suratwholesaleshop.com


Earrings that go with your hairstyle

While choosing the jewellery, keep the hairstyle in your mind. A wrong combination of earrings and hairstyle can create a bizarre in your look. If you are planning to make a heavy and tight bun then a heavy pair of earrings will look good and if you’re planning to make a lower bun or keep your hair loose then go with the simple and less heavy earrings.

                              Image Source:g3fashion.com 


Maang tikka or mathapatti

It is very important to choose wisely the jewellery for your forehead. It is the only jewellery that will grab the entire attention at first. Choose your maang tikka and matha patti according to your face size and shape. A bigger face will look good with matha patti whereas a small face will complement the maang tikka.

                             Image Source: images.herzindagi.info 


Look for the quality

It is necessary to go with the best quality of jewellery. We always go for the best quality attire but when it comes to jewellery we compromise with the quality. The quality is something which will easily be noticed by everyone. So buy the best quality jewellery and slay at your wedding. And wedding jewellery is a thing that we want to last forever.

Image Source: wbwp.s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com


Have a comfortable jewellery

Last but not the least, always choose comfortable jewellery. Your wedding is the day you have to enjoy the most. So find some jewellery that is comfortable and easy for you to handle.

                              Image Source: shaadiwish.com

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