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Top 10 Jewellery for Summer Weekend Trips

Summer Season is for the mountains or somewhere in the woods where you can spend quality time with yourself and your family. A short trip somewhere peaceful away from the city rush just to escape the scorching heat for a few days is what everyone can think of. On the other hand, some women just love the summer season. They enjoy the Summer and have fun. Some even like to visit the beaches and enjoy the cool summer breeze with the sea view. Everyone has their own choices according to their desires. Whatever the occasion is, every woman has a jewellery collection for each. Keeping a match with summer trends and the latest fashion is everyone’s job to know. So wherever you decide to go or be, keeping your fashion sense up to date is a basic need for all women.  

You can have tons of Jewellery options for your Summer Trips according to your requirements like where are you visiting and what is the occasion. Niscka has every Jewellery type which you can demand. The glimmer of pearls, vintage stones, the bliss of the hoops, the shine of the Diamonds and the statement jewellery pieces for your beauty. Just anything you desire! 

We believe in organic selling, jewellery which you can adore for a lifetime and still be your favorite pick whenever you need jewellery. Be it the poppy-colored stone, new ethnic or traditional jewellery or the ones which are unique and vintage in design. We will showcase Niscka’s top picks for your short summer weekend trips. 

Versatile Hoops

They are just stunning choices when you need something classic, fun and playful. They are every woman's favorite pick. They are available in different sizes and materials. We would recommend when in doubt, pick the hoop! 

We have these alluring Pearl Hoops giving a pretty impressive look when you decide to go for lunch or just to enjoy the pretty view! We also have two different pairs of oxidised hoops which are simple yet very attractive in their fine-cut shape. Pick the hoops which catch your attention the most.

Fantastic Drop Earrings

Do you like something fancy and new? Something which illuminates your face and makes you stand out. Drop earrings are the one for you. As we know, during these short trips we want to wear something comfortable yet very fancy. They are the perfect choice for you. We have Stone Earrings with fine finishing and American Diamonds with an absolutely beautiful shine. Check out the various Drop Earrings.

Exotic Necklace with Earrings

We have a precisely handcrafted Stone Necklace Set. It can match any of your beach outfits. The jewellery set is light in weight and just different from others! The color is just sober and the best part, it’s a whole set of Necklace with Earrings so that you don’t have to worry about how to match your next accessory with it because you already have them.

Small Pendants with Chain

We have beautiful pendants with Yellow Gold Plated Chains and Rose Gold Plated Chains and also a variety of Evil Eye Pendants. Evil Eye Jewellery does not need any occasion; you can wear them every day as well. Something minimal for your dresses and with the leisure of not changing your accessory for the whole trip while keeping it simple and gorgeous at same time, these minimal pendants with chains are best for you.

The weekend or weekday trips are just the same things the only thing that can vary is your choice of jewellery for any occasion. Your dinner nights or a cosy room with a view type of night, anything you like! We have the perfect choice of Jewellery just for you only from Niscka.

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