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Punjabi Traditional Jewellery

  1. Matha Patti / Maang Tikka

The Maang Tikka, for a Punjabi bride, is often an oversized ornament

occupying a central position. These are generally Kundan and embellished

Maang Tikkas, though a plainer piece can also work if you are trying to rock it

with a heavy, embroidered dupatta. The difference between the two is that

Maang Tikka is basically a singular pendant that hangs from your head.

Matha Patti, On the other hand, is a little more elaborate, as with the pendant it

also has two chains for each side of the head. Both of these look equally

beautiful, and the only problem you would face is choosing between the


  1. Shikarpuri Nath/Laung 

Usually, Punjabi Naths are of two types, one is Shikarpuri Nath and the other

is the laung. This Nath has a hoop that comes in different sizes-small,

medium and large. It is pinned to the hair with an embellished chain.

This chain very often has the same pattern which the hoop has. This

design of nath is extremely popular amongst the brides in Punjab. The

laung, On the other hand, is a stud, or a nose pin. These nose pins can be

designer pieces, or can even be gemstones studs.

  1. Bali

Bali Earrings are prevalent traditional earrings of India. These earrings are

trending now and cherished by many ladies. Firstly, many like them since they

are versatile which goes well on ethnic as well as western outfits. You can

wear them for some occasion as well in routine. Secondly, these are available

in a variety of designs and make that looks great with varied sizes as well.

These can be made of different sorts of metals like gold or silver and

can be embellished with precious or semi-precious stones. Over the

years the design of the Bali has gotten more elaborate, but the essence

remains the same. You can opt for Chandbalis, combination Baalis (with

Jhumka accents) and hoop earrings.

  1. Choker

A choker is a close-fitting necklace worn around the neck. Chokers can be

made of a variety of materials, including velvet, plastic, beads, latex, leather,

metal, such as silver, gold or platinum, etc. They can be adorned in a variety

of ways, including sequins, studs, or a pendant. It is also a type of

necklace that is a part of Punjabi jewellery. The good part is that this

necklace has come back into fashion, and you can see a number of brides

sporting it on their wedding day. Based on the function that you are wearing this

piece you may either choose to go for a standalone choker necklace or

combine it with a Rani haar.

  1. Haath Phool

Hath Phool or hand bracelets is the ornament that is worn on the reverse

side of the palm.  Hath Phool is known by various names like ring bracelet,

hand bracelet with the ring, hath panja, hath kamal, hand chain, hand harness

and slave chain. Though these are named Haath Phool, this Punjabi jewellery

is not necessarily made out of flowers. This piece brings attention to your

hands and makes them look delicate in the process. Though not all brides

wear it, a Haath Phool gives a certain elegance to a bride that can be noticed.

  1. Chudi

These are a piece of jewellery that many of us have been fascinated by

since we were toddlers. The sweet sound the Chudis made when they

knock into one another, and the different colours they come in.

  1. Kalire

These umbrella-shaped hangings are a unique combination with

the chooda, which signifies happiness for the newlyweds and eternal

love between the couple. The bride’s sisters and friends tie the kalire to

her chooda. They are golden or silver in colour. The significance is to

provide good wishes to the bride and to remind her of her cousins and

friends whom she is going to leave behind when she gets married.

  1. Chooda

Among the sweet and unforgettable memories of a Punjabi wedding, one

a ritual that holds a special position is the chooda ceremony. The Chooda

has two colours of bangles which are usually red and white, but

nowadays red can be replaced by other tones. The special thing

about the Chooda is that it not only signifies a bride, but also a newly

wedded bride, as a bride is not supposed to take her Chooda off till at

At least 40 days of her marriage.

  1. Angoothi

For Indian brides, and also Punjabi, an Angoothi is not just an

engagement ring but is a beautiful piece of Punjabi jewellery, that can

have a rich history behind it. The concept of a ring is not new to the

brides of Punjab; they have their own beautiful Angoothis, which are

usually elaborate, and not quite delicate. These rings are pieces of art

that are beautifully crafted for each bride.

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