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Diwali Special Fashion Jewellery: Cubic Zirconia, Swarovski and Rhinestones

Fashion Jewellery has now been hyped up more than ever. Girls like to choose jewellery pieces which can match perfectly fine with their Traditional as well Western ensembles. Nowadays, the variety has expanded with time. The precious Swarovski, rhinestones, and CZ stones are mostly used in the fancy jewellery collection. The colorful  Rhinestone world has brought some amazing jewellery pieces to the market. The shine they give is way much more attractive than CZ and Swarovski stones. The colorful shine with fine-cut stones is the demand of the woman now. They want jewellery with unique motifs and materials.

Diwali Special Fashion Jewellery: Cubic Zirconia, Swarovski and Rhinestones

The Diwali Celebration is already here! Almost most of you have decided on your outfits and jewellery for the day. There are at least 2-4 days of celebration for Diwali. You adorn something different each day and look the best in the room. You can only do so when you’ve different options to choose from in jewellery. Fashion Jewellery is versatile and you can always mix-match them with your different types of wardrobes. Sometimes Fashionable jewellery more than Traditional Jewellery can be found among fancy jewellery. 

You can decide to adorn something different this Diwali Season. The festival of lights why not adorn something gorgeous and something which shines majestically with all your ensembles. Pick jewellery which goes with every attire. Although, some of you may not like to repeat the same jewellery piece with your new attire. In this case, you can shop for jewellery with every attire you want. But before that, we would like to give you some tips for choosing specific fashion jewellery which can match your Diwali outfits. Choose jewellery which can match your Diwali outfits and even for later use. There are many new styles you can pick. 

Here are some tips before buying fashion jewellery for the Diwali Celebrations

  • You can choose Jewellery with big and colorful rhinestones. Like a color which can match all your outfits.  
  • Symbolic jewellery looks best and is an evergreen choice for every out you decide to adorn like evil eye collections. You can shop the same from our website: Evil Eye Collection 
  • Some of you like floral motifs. It gives a feminine imprint. There is jewellery which has floral designs. You can choose them with your Traditional wear or fashion wear effortlessly. 
  • American Diamond Jewellery also looks beautiful with every attire. There are no second thoughts regarding that! 
  • Fashion Jewellery is versatile, wear them with your most graceful party gowns or sarees. They will look perfectly beautiful! 
  • Minimal Rhinestone jewellery also looks gorgeous with every attire. You can have some new English colors like watery blue, green and pink jewellery from our online store. 
  • Hoops are never out of fashion. Find a cute hoop earring which matches perfectly well with all your wardrobes. 
  • Pick multicolored jewellery for the season. It’ll b easier to match them with your ensembles. 
  • You can go for other symbols like peacocks, panthers, swans, butterflies and all other fauna creatures found in jewellery pieces. The style can be forward through fancy jewellery. 

Here was the list of designs from which you can choose for your jewellery collection. It mostly included fashion earrings which are made of Rhinestones, Cubic Zircons and Swarovski crystals. You also need to understand what are the main reasons why the particular material is loved and favored so much in Fashion Jewellery Every material has its specialty. A jewellery designer uses those materials in a piece of jewellery that will enhance the jewellery and make it look one in a million. For this level of understanding, you need to know about the crystals and materials which are used. The following details are for every person who is into jewellery or loves to have a collection of her own. 


Swarovski is one of the most popular brand all around the world, especially in the Fashion Jewellery Collection. The stones are luxurious, high in quality and unique. It is popular among women who love to adorn jewellery, mainly Fashion Jewellery. Swarovski was invented by Daniel Swarovski (a Czech-born Austrian glass cutter). He also invited an electric cutter machine that facilitated the production of lead crystal jewellery, which until his contribution had to be cut by hand. Swarovski's vision was to make a diamond brand for everyone and make the diamond stones at affordable prices. It is now a fifth-generation family-owned business with an extensive variety of products other than jewellery pieces like miniatures, rhinestones, home decor and chandeliers. 

Swarovski crystals are hand-made glass created with a patented process. The other details and raw materials have remained the company’s secret. The process ensures the highest degree of precision which produces brilliant crystals.  Swarovski’s production process requires a lot of precision. They only use the finest materials with superior production, cutting and polishing to fashion faceted lead glass that is known around the world for its brilliant design and value. According to Swarovski, cutting hard crystals and gems giving them hundred identical facets in several directions is a little complicated and not an easy one for sure. The light reflected in each direction is calculated by a computer and then simulated in 3D, optimized and then it is finally converted into control programs for complex machinery.  

Jewellery made by Swarovski crystal should be taken care of like any other jewellery. Avoid using them for heavy activities which will cause the body to sweat exposing the jewellery to tarnish its shine. Always wipe your jewellery with a damp cloth and let it dry completely before storing it. Niscka has a wide collection of Swarovski Jewellery. You can check the following products here.


CZ Stones are famously known as American Diamonds. They are found much in Traditional Jewellery and Fashion jewellery is usually embedded with Swarovski Stones. These CZ Stones are man-made in the laboratory and shine like real diamond stones. The lustre they have cannot be compared to any other jewellery. They are finely cut into different shapes giving spectacular designs.

Niscka has a brilliant collection of American Diamond Jewellery. In fashion jewellery, it can be found in earrings and rings mainly. The quality is superb with fine materials there’s no doubt about that. You can always give it a try and shop our latest products to know for yourself. We have everything your need! The fanciest earrings for your Diwali celebration! Fashion jewellery is versatile. You can match them with all your ensembles. From the most fashionable to the traditional jewellery.

They shine brighter than the moon sometimes! You’ll adore them like any other piece of jewellery! Also, the best part of fashion jewellery made with American diamonds is that it can be adorned for your formal dinner parties or a night out with your favorite girls. The design has such a class and modern touch to it, you cannot escape but buy the most beautiful pieces of jewellery for yourself.

But they have to be taken care of all the time like any artificial piece of jewellery. Kept away from water, and always remember to remove your jewellery before going for a shower. Keep them away from all your chemical products like make-up, hair sprays and perfumes etc. By keeping them safe you can maintain their shine for a longer period. After each use try and keep them in an airtight box/pouch safely.

Here are some of Niscka’s American Diamond Fashion Jewellery:

We’ll start with the Earrings first!


The Rhinestone crystals are made of Swarovski Crystals. They shine brilliantly when paired with Swarovski crystals. The colorful stones look very attractive when paired with any jewellery! They are found in jewellery with different cuts and shapes. Swarovski Rhinestones are very famous and they look beautiful with every wardrobe you decide to wear.

Fashion Jewellery has taken an uplevel in the jewellery collection admiration department. Women always wish to have jewellery which looks perfectly fine with any wardrobe they decide to adorn. If you want to wear something different and look unique, wear beautiful pieces of Fashion Jewellery with your traditional wardrobes this season. You’ll look lovely and this will be our promise to cherish forever! Rhinestones are mainly colorful Swarovski Stones.

They shine brilliantly like any other jewellery material. Choose the color which you find the most attractive and be the charm of the room this Diwali. Light in weight jewellery with super-fine materials and quality which will not harm your skin in any way. Here are a few jewellery pieces of Niscka from which you can choose or maybe just have look :)

We always love to shower you with the most precious pieces of jewellery. They are made of the finest quality which will never harm your skin in any way. Buy our precious Jewellery and slay them whenever you want and with every outfit you want! Our team will help you suggest the best jewellery you can adorn to match your favorite outfits. Here is the link for the contact (CLICK HERE) The service is free and you can decide on the best jewellery with the help of our teams and other members. We are always here to help you find the perfect match for yourself.

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