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Diwali Celebration Jewellery by Niscka

Just 5 days left for Diwali Celebration. We are waiting eagerly for the celebrations to start so that all of us can dress up beautifully and enjoy all the small rituals that are done with the guidance of our elders. The festival is a major celebration in the Northern region of India. All the family members dress up beautifully in their best outfits and celebrate the day by sharing sweets and fancy dinner nights! In Northern India, it is celebrated with so much enthusiasm, as the story is told by our ancestors that on the day Lord Ram returned to his land Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. The festival symbolises spiritual light that protects them from the darkness. It burns away all ignorance and the Diya lamp is a great symbol for Diwali. They are lit all over the house. Every house is decorated with Diya and lights.

Diwali Celebration Jewellery by Niscka

After Deepavali, the celebrations do not end. Govardhan Puja is celebrated on the day after Diwali. It is the day celebrated upon which Lord Krishna defeated Indra, the deity of thunder and rain. Then after that, there’s Bhaidooj, a festival for brother-sister. There’s a line of festivities to celebrate and guess what? We need to find and decide on the outfits for the day. As a woman, I accept that it is not an easy job to decide on outfits and jewellery altogether. But we are here to help as always. We showcase the best and most fashionable jewellery for a beautiful woman like you! 

But first, we need to decide what we want to adorn this time. Is it Gold Plated or American Diamond? American Diamond Jewellery look lavish and the shine we find is spectacular but in Gold Plated Jewellery we get the Indian vibe we want. They look extremely beautiful when matched with Indian Traditional attires like sarees or suits. On this Diwali, shop for yourself the fanciest and most desirable Gold Plated Jewellery Collection by Niscka. Diwali Special offers are applicable on different jewellery pieces. You can buy the ones you desire the most! 

But before we showcase our precious Gold Plated jewellery, we would like to leave you with some tips. You’ll get to know which jewellery will look the best with what type of outfit. We will then showcase the best pieces you can choose this time. Here we go: 

  • Your Gold Plated Jewellery looks best with traditional Sarees and lehengas. 
  • American Diamond Jewellery can be a perfect match for all your ensembles. But Gold Plated are perfect for Traditional attires. 
  • You should buy a Necklace with Earrings matching your outfits to elevate your look. 
  • The Jewellery you choose should be of the same material. The different ones sometimes can look odd and ruin your whole look. 
  • Your Banarasi saree for this Diwali celebration is a perfect choice. Pick matching jewellery for the same. 
  • Gold Plated jewellery is the kind if you buy one, you can carry it with different outfits and not just with the one you purchased. They are the most versatile pieces of jewellery in the collection. 

After all the details for the Gold Plated Jewellery, there are some of our products from which you can choose. The different styles with a modern touch for all the beautiful women out there: 

Choker Necklace Set 

Choker Necklace has a versatile design which suits almost all the outfits one adorns. The design has expanded a lot with time. One can wear a fancy choker necklace set with almost all the outfits. The style is unique because the designs are found in western as well as Indian Jewellery collections. Earlier they were found in the British era where queens adorned them as necklace pieces. Then the fashion was carried forward towards the other part of the world. They are mostly known as signature jewellery. The most special part of the choker necklace is that the neck looks elongated and beautiful. It makes our necks look pretty attractive. Now with time, we have matching earrings with a choker necklace.  

This Diwali Celebration, buy a beautiful choker necklace set with matching earrings to adorn with your Indian Traditional wardrobes. Our jewellery is decorated with white pearls, Kundan stones and meenakari designs. Choose the one which matches fantastically with your choice of wardrobes. The best part about these choker necklace sets is they can be adjusted on your neck according to your will because of their adjustable threads. Here are a few Choker Necklace Sets by Niscka. You can wear them this Diwali and be the most attractive one in the room! 


Bangles are the most important part of the jewellery collection. Every Indian woman likes to adorn fashionable jewellery but some of them like to stay close to Traditional Indian ornaments. They create bliss which cannot be found in other pieces of jewellery. When we talk about jewellery, all Indian women know that they can adorn different pieces of jewellery before and after marriage. There are some ornaments which they never have to take out and wear on regular basis. They also become important when there is an auspicious ritual taking place. There’s no hard and fast rule to adorn them regularly but it's always a good choice to wear one. Some women also own it ferociously as they are so close to their culture and its significance. Every piece of ornament has a spiritual significance. Bangles are also one of them.

We have beautiful handcrafted Kundan Bangles and Pearl Bangles. The Bangles are mostly of different types and sizes according to the design. Some of them are known as Kada and Kangan. Kadas are mostly big in size and design. Kangans have thin body designs. We also have a few designs in Kada Bangles which have traditional significance in different cultures. For example, Ponchi Bangles are worn by Rajputi/Rajasthani women as a special ornament at their weddings. Pacheli Pearl bangles are also one of them. Silk Thread Bangles also look adorable with Traditional outfits. They always have unique charms attached to them to give an attractive essence to your outfits. Then comes the most beautiful Chura Sets, and mostly Punjabi women adorn them. It is very famous in the Northern part of India. Even if a woman is not Punjabi some of them adorn them as a fashion statement.

We have all the types of Bangles you need for this Diwali Season. You can shop for everything you want from our latest Bangle Collection. Pick the one which suits you the most! All of them are available in various sizes according to your choice.

Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka is one of the precious ornaments in a women’s collection. They are an amazing headgear and most trending these days. They have a versatile style and shape which you can choose according to your face shape. For details about the shapes, you can read our blog on the same. Versatility of Maang Tikkas.

It’s always a bold choice to adorn Maang Tikkas, but let us remind you, making some bold choices to make you look attractive is a must. Do not be scared about whether it will suit your face shape or not. There is so much vast variety in the market that you can choose one for yourself without much effort. On the other hand, Niscka is always here to give you perfect jewellery according to your choice.

We have a variety of Maang Tikka Collection. From the most famous Meenakari design to the Kundan Stone embellished fancy Maang Tikka sets with Earrings. Now with time, maang tikkas embedded with American Diamond Stones are also available. Although, for Diwali celebrations, women usually need gold some of you can even choose American Diamond Maang Tikka Sets. If you do not wish to go for a whole set matching with earrings you can pick a single piece of Maang Tikka. Either Gold Plated, American Diamond, or with faux pearls and colorful beads of your choice! Just pick the one which you like most! Here are a few of your Maang Tikkas you can have a look at.

Diwali Jewellery has to be special. It has to be new, matching all that is trending these days. You can only choose a perfect match for yourself if you have to find the right piece of clothing for the celebrations. The first step is to find the right wardrobe for yourself then go for the jewellery. Sometimes it can even get very confusing and exhausting to find the right jewellery in our budget, which we know will not disappoint us. We are offering a new opportunity for all our customers. You can check out all our Jewellery collections on a virtual meet. We will guide you to find the right piece of jewellery for your Diwali 2022 Celebrations. Here’s the link for the same. Contact Niscka.

Happy Shopping and Happy Diwali Greetings!

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