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Jewellery You Can Put On Everyday Basis

Clothes are an essential part of life and so is Jewellery. It's a living fact that they have been admired by women and men both since the start of time. Earlier the materials used were shells, animal furs, stones carved in beautiful designs and other kinds of pebbles. Now we have an expansive variety of materials that we can use. From expensive to cheap according to your demand. With time, materials are available at a price which will never upset your bank records and look as beautiful as natural gold and diamond jewellery.   

Importance of Jewellery In Your Life

Jewellery is an accessory which helps women to look more attractive and magnificent. It is more like adding a vibe to your personality which you cannot express through words, but your jewellery would help you enhance them. Jewellery in Indian Tradition plays an important part for married women. On the day of the wedding women wear jewellery on all parts of the body from head to toe. The legacy has been followed even after our ancestors. Not just for married women, single girls or even from childhood there has been a craze for jewellery. They are not important if you are not a fan of jewellery. But commonly, women and young girls admire them. The choice is always yours! 

Fancy American Diamond Bracelet from Niscka

Fancy American Diamond Bracelet from Niscka

Jewellery For Everyday  

There are some pieces of jewellery which cannot be worn on an everyday basis. For example, Maang Tikka Sets, American Diamond Sets and Choker Necklace Sets cannot be worn every day. They are suitable for some special occasions only. On the other hand jewellery pieces like earrings, rings, pendant necklaces, anklets and nose pins can be used daily. 

Earrings are the accessory which women wear to enhance their daily looks and styles. There are different kinds of earrings which one can carry for regular days. The days also include going to the office or sometimes taking out time for grocery shopping. If you would like to take a bit of advice for everyday jewellery, we would suggest choosing Studs and minimal Dangle Earrings. They are the most sophisticated choice you can make.

Next is the Ring. Rings are the mark of commitment. Usually, women wear rings at their wedding ceremony. They are also great for your regular days. Now, these two are usually very common accessories, but sometimes to feel special, women choose bracelets and pendant necklaces with spectacular charms. There is a variety of bracelets with moon charms, heart shapes, floral designs with so much more in the market! They look best with your everyday attires. You can take some time out for yourself and prepare a handful of collections which you can use daily and look fabulous! 

American Diamond Studs from Niscka

American Diamond Studs from Niscka

Taking Care of Your Jewellery 

  • Imitation Jewellery has to be taken care of preciously and cautiously. You have to keep them safely in packed pouches or boxes.
  •  They should always be kept away from chemicals like daily body care products, makeup products and hair sprays. Most importantly they have to keep away from water and moisture. 
  • Body sweat is the major issue which tarnishes the lustre of the plated jewellery. So if you sweat too much or you are going to visit a place in which there will be lots of sweating, you should avoid wearing plated jewellery and go for oxidised jewellery. They are best to wear because they do not tarnish easily and the color of the material is also not so bright that it can lose some shine or texture. But we are not saying to keep them safely or away from water. The chances are less in this material than all. 
  • Try to keep different plated jewellery in separate pouches. This will help them to retain the quality and shine a little longer.

 Taking Care of Your Jewellery

Basic Etiquette Tip: You should always wear your jewellery after you are done with your makeup and always remember to take off your jewellery before changing your clothes. This will be quite helpful and it will avoid any damage to the jewellery. For example, jewellery can get tangled with your clothes when you try to change while wearing them. So keep in mind. 

Jewellery has been an important part of our life. The likes and dislikes always differ and you do not have to worry about it when you have so much variety to look into. Always keep your jewellery with care and love. Like it is said, when you take care of things, they care for you in return. They are the best adornment to embrace your beauty every day and love yourself for the person who you are!

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