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Which Design to Choose: Floral or Geometric Patterns

People always think design is about making things beautiful or adding a certain charm to a surface or object. It is undoubtedly more than that. Designing is an art. Each person has their exceptional taste and preferences related to every designed object/surface around them. It is for everyone. To simply put it in terms, it is planning to make something.

Different elements are arranged to accomplish a particular purpose. It is a process of creation with a delightful experience. The toolset of designing is based on research and not just trying to make things look pretty. To look at a problem and find a solution, the designers do plenty of research work and then find the solutions to the problems.

Floral or Geometric Patterns

Why Are Designs Important?

Humans speak through language and things speak through design. Every piece of jewellery is designed and prepared with a particular skill set or keeping the focus on how the design has to be given a creative outcome. We do not follow just one material or structure for designing and giving it life.

They vary from one another. The materials used, the color combinations, the types of stone embellishment that has to be done and what type of shape the stone has to be in. Everything is a matter of choice and everything has to be planned to create a beautiful experience with real outcomes.

Designs are significant because it is a creative expression which cannot be spoken but only adorned to express a certain choice of living or embracing oneself. People who create designs just want to give their audience an exuberating experience of pleasure with their beautiful outcomes. The audience is not interested in how you do it or how much time is spent during the process. They want spectacular jewellery with classic expressions. 

A beautifully designed jewellery will be satisfactory to buy. Modern designs seduce and bring pleasure, and the goals of fun and delights are accomplished if the buyer accepts them as part of themselves. Good-designed jewellery will eat all your customer's money but never make them feel bad about them.

 creative outcome

Designs Vary From Each Other In Their Color, Material, Shapes and Motifs

Every piece of jewellery has a particular set of design and material followed to make it a charming piece of creativity. The designs usually vary from each other because jewellers cannot follow the same every time. It just does not make any sense to copy designs! It’s an understood rule in designing, adding things which will suit the particular type and not copying design! As an artist, it could be depressing to see copies of designs without any credit so one should always keep that in mind. 

Let's take a deep dive into designs and why it is needed

Jewellery is constructed from various materials like gold, silver, platinum and copper etc. Some are solid materials like pure gold and some are alloys. Then there is further designing done on the base materials which can be Kundan or Polki Stones(uncut diamonds), Meenakari enamelling (Art of enamelling colors onto jewellery surfaces which mostly have floral motifs) and American Diamond or pure Diamond embellishment. Every style is chosen while keeping in mind the requirements of the audience and the trending style which has to be updated from time to time.

It is needed to expand the variety and expressions of designing. Although, most of the designs are made while keeping the ancient style alive but now there’s always some degree of modern style infusion. This is done to give meaning to old types with the fresh addition of modern-day statements.

Floral Designs And Geometric Patterns In Jewellery 

Nature has been an inspiration for jewellery for centuries now. Floral motifs include plants and flowers that surround us. Floral jewellery was made to depict romantic jewellery in general. It has been a contemporary jewellery style for a long time. The floral designs always convey feminine energies. The use of contrast colors blue, green, red and pink etc followed them.

The use of beads, pearls, polished enamels, baguette emerald diamonds and whatnot! There can never be a shortage in nature-themed jewellery. It is the most popular jewellery for creation. We can also see it as a recreation of flowers and botanics in the form of jewellery adornments.  The style can turn something dull into a more pretty jewellery collection.  

Floral Maang Tikka Set from Niscka

 Floral Maang Tikka Set from Niscka

Jewellery is also made of simple shapes and has been coming in and out of fashion for centuries now. Geometric Jewellery is made up of basic designs and elements like triangles, squares and ovals. These shapes create bold statement jewellery for all women. They are very different from the floral motifs. They have been found across cultures and for centuries giving evidence that these patterns are universally attractive.

The theory of geometric patterns reminds us of the magic of patterns which give a sense of peace to the mind and are eye pleasing. There is proven research which says, patterns can help a person reduce stress levels by as much as 60 per cent.

Other than floral patterns, geometric pattern jewellery is adored by women. The bold patterns set with Diamonds and other stones give a very edgy and progressive time look. Not to forget, geometry necessarily doesn't mean just repetitive patterns. The different shapes and sizes of geometrics are used in giving a piece of jewellery the perfect design and style to adorn modern-day jewellery for women.

Geometric Jhumka Earrings from Niscka

Geometric Jhumka Earrings from Niscka

Choose the design which suits your personality the most. Every woman's choice differs. Some choose florals and some prefer geometric. Whatever piece of jewellery you choose for yourself make sure it suits your personality, wardrobe and your comfort levels. Find the right match of jewellery for yourself with your choice of designs and keep your jewellery box as happy and interesting as ever!



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