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Jhumka Earrings for All Season

Earrings have been glorious for women who love jewellery. Women adorn jewellery mostly on all occasions. They cannot be separated under any circumstance. Even small minimalist jewellery adds a certain charm and glow to the personality. They just enhance your facial features. Earrings are of end number of varieties and lots of designs. But for now, we would like to showcase to you Jhumka Earrings.

Jhumka Earrings are the most loved in Indian Jewellery. They are of many kinds and are distinctive. Some have one Jhumka bell and some have many small bells in Jhumka Earrings. The Jhumka studs to which bells are attached are of floral motifs mostly. All are just unique on their own.

Jhumkas are decorated with Meenakari Artistry, Kundan Stones and American Diamonds embellishment. The Meenakari is the art of enamelling metal surfaces by painting and embellishing them with beautiful designs. The colour and metal when combined are heated, giving the earrings a nice colourful look. Kundan Stones are different types of precious gemstones which are used in designing Jhumka Earrings. American Diamond embedded Jhumkas are also trending  There are many kinds. These days women are choosing Silver Oxidised Jhumkas as well. They look quite classic and can be worn with any attire they like and on any occasion. You can always decide to wear them in your office or at a dinner party. Jhumkas just fit in a special category.

Niscka would like to give you some tips on Jhumka Earring Styling and present you with some of our unique Jhumka Earrings from our online store. Check them out below:

Our preciously handcrafted Ballerina Jhumka Earrings are studded with Diamonds and the body is silver oxidised. Very distinctive ones because of their colorful beads hanging on the Jhumka Domes. Wearing them on a festive occasion can be a great choice to go with. They are so precious looking, you cannot skip buying these from Niscka. 



These bright Pink Punch Jhumka Earrings have a poppy-bright color. Best for a day outing in this summer season. This is just for you whenever you decide to wear something casual but with a touch of elegance. Not too much nor too less. Just perfect for the bright daylight. 



Oxidised Jhumkas are the new trend these days. Women love to wear these oxidised earrings more than bright colors sometimes because oxidised jewellery Issa mood! This pretty pair has a floral stud and the floral motif is followed on the main body of the Jhumkas. You can carry these with a Chikan Kurtis and Simple Kurtis paired with Parallel Pants or maybe your favorite Denim. They have so much of a Boho Vibe to them. You cannot miss out on these beautiful Oxidised Earrings on Niscka. 



Niscka is on a mission to provide you with something of your kind and choice. We have tons of varieties for you. Choices are endless. Not just Jhumka Earrings anything you would like to have with you in your Jewellery Box, we have it. We never tend to disappoint our Jewellery Lovers! Check everything you like on NISCKA.

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