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Tips for Choosing Jewellery for your First Date

Preparing for a Date can be a little tricky for some of the girls. Deciding what you'll wear and how you'll look on your first date with your special one can be a choice to think very keenly and with full dedication. You definitely wanna look perfect and attractive in a balanced way. Just to look exactly how you imagined and implement exactly as you thought. It takes some time to decide what you want for the special time. 

Whatever you decide to wear for your date, you have to find the exact jewellery which will match everything you decide, be it your venue, your activity, for example, if you are meeting your special one for a coffee date or maybe lunch or dinner date. You have to keep everything in mind while deciding on the dress and the right jewellery for the date.

There’s always this sneaky thought that wearing jewellery on your first date is a good idea or not? We assure you it is a great idea! Just be comfortable in whatever you are choosing to wear and most importantly have fun with your look. When you are comfortable enough in your vibe, you’ll be awestruck by the response you’ll get. 

Though jewellery is the last thing you put on, make sure the one you choose takes you a notch higher. Niscka will give you some tips to remember before dressing for a date:


  • Necklace: Neckpieces can be decided according to the neckline you choose. For example- When you opt for Strapless Neckline you can choose to wear Chokar Necklace or when you decide to go for Deep Scoop Neckline you can wear a chain with a Minimalistic Pendant. For more details about diverse necklines check our blog on Necklace for Diverse NecklinesBy deciding these with perfect details you can be sure what matches beautifully with your outfit. 

  • Earrings: Earrings always enhance your face. When you choose your earrings according to your face cut and complexion, it gives you a pleasant detail of what is looking best on you and helps you to enhance your features. You can choose something simple yet classic. Your poppy-colored and dramatic Earrings collection can be kept for girls' nights or parties. 

  • Choose floral or wavy motif: Floral and wavy patterns are mostly symbolic of femininity. While choosing jewellery with these patterns you can create a more feminine impact.

  • Aim for balance: Try to be balanced with your outfit. Don’t overdo or exaggerate your look with jewellery. Keep it minimal.

    Some Golden Rules to remember before dressing up for your date:

    • When dressing up for the special day try to pick pieces in which you are most comfortable.
    • Choose outfits and jewellery which you'd pick when you are most yourself. Do not go for looks which you wouldn't wear otherwise.
    • Most importantly try having fun with your look. Don’t dress up like you are overwhelmed or excited. Just be unique and comfortable in your vibe. 
    • Don't be under pressure of impressing someone else, be fun and natural in your look.   


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