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10 Tips to Keep Your Fancy Jewellery Safe

Women spend so much time choosing the right imitation jewellery for occasions. They pick each piece with full precision and attention. Niscka Jewellery is made with fine materials with Gold Plating, Silver Plating, American Diamonds and semi-precious stones, beads and glass which makes it affordable and guilt free for all the women out there ;) This imitation jewellery helps us to find the right alternatives to create a look and style similar to fine jewellery without the high cost of real gold or diamond jewellery. Your fancy fashion jewellery may not last forever but you can minimise signs of wear and extend longevity by properly taking care of them. 

Shoving your favorite pieces inside jewellery boxes or drawers is the biggest mistake you can make. It can lead them to great damage to jewellery in real time. It needs maintenance to prolong its life. Some of the jewellery pieces are close to us as they are connected to a special moment of life. Keeping them safe and in a good condition should be our priority. Niscka will share some tips which you can follow easily for a lustrous jewellery collection.

  1. Keep your jewellery away from water and harmful chemicals- Washing dishes or doing laundry while wearing your jewellery can lead to loss of shine and lustre because of the chemicals present in the dishwashing soaps and detergents. You should never wear your jewellery at a spa or in a pool as the chlorine water can react with the metal energy causing the jewellery to change color. 
  2. Your jewellery should be the last thing to put on and the first thing to take off- Put on jewellery when you are done with clothing, hair and make-up. This will prevent your jewellery from getting tangled with your outfit and will avoid damage. Similarly, remove your jewellery before changing your clothes and washing your face. 
  3. You can use a toothbrush to clean the small edges-  It is not easy to reach all the microscope corners of your jewellery to clean its dirt, you can use a toothbrush. It can be of great help to reach all the corners and clean these impurities. With this simple technique, you can keep your jewellery brand new for years. 
  4. Always remove your jewellery before going for a shower- Make it a rule to remove all jewellery before going for a shower. Always remove all your rings, earrings or anything if you have to make contact with water. If you do not stop your jewellery can rust easily and it will be of no use to you. 
  5. Remove your jewellery before rough activities- While going to gym or your favorite Zumba class, don't forget to remove your jewellery. The sweat will cause tarnish so do remember to remove it.    
  6. Try a jewellery protectant spray- The spray can be used to protect your special pieces. It can also be used to protect from allergies like irritation, rashes and hives. Some girls with sensitive skin have all these issues. This all can be avoided when you use these protectant sprays. 
  7. Do not keep different types of jewellery together- Oxidised jewellery with American Diamond jewellery can be a mistake to keep. The shine of the jewellery can be lost when two different types of material are in touch with one another. Or when bangles are kept together with earrings the hook can get stuck with the design of the bangles and it can cause a defect in the jewellery. So these minor things should be kept in mind.
  8. Keep your jewellery away from perfumes, hair sprays or any make-up products- Hair sprays can cause rust on artificial jewellery and perfumes can lead to fading of the plating or shine. And other makeup products have various chemicals in them which can react and cause discoloration of the jewellery.
  9. Keep them in separate plastic bags/pouches- You should place the jewellery pieces in different plastic pouches to keep them away from moisture and also when you have kept your jewellery separately and nicely it is easy for you to find them and match according to your attire without any hassle. 
  10. Give your jewellery a break! Treat your jewellery with love and care. As you know, when you care for things they care for you back and with much love. When you keep them nicely  they will keep sparkling for a long time. 
 Fancy Jewellery

Have you ever worn a ring and taken it off to reveal a pale green stain underneath? Most of us have probably experienced it. This pale green color is caused by the acids on your skin oxidizing the metal. Whether or not this happens to you and to what extent will vary based on your body chemistry. But when you see this pale green color there’s no need to worry. It is not harmful to your skin and does not indicate that the jewellery is unsafe. This happens often with pieces of jewellery which are made of copper but sometimes, gold or silver metals can cause discolouration too. 


We hope these tips are of great help to you! 


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