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Niscka offers a variety of necklaces at mind blowing prices. Hand crafted and handpicked to assure our promise of uniqueness and quality. Delivery all over the world and giving out free shipping pan India.


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Niscka’s line of Handcrafted Necklaces 

Necklaces are no more just a piece of jewellery they have become an emotion. They are an important part of women's arsenal which is irreplaceable now. Nothing can be better than styling a necklace with matching earrings. Necklaces give you a wholesome look and can complete any outfit of yours. Style our necklace and feel your confidence boost like never before. 

Types of Necklaces

With necklaces being the most famous type of jewellery it is certain that there are bound to be different types of necklaces. Niscka has a necklace for everyone, our inventory boasts more than 10 different types of necklaces. Listed below are the most popular types of necklaces.

American Diamond Necklace

Niscka’s American Diamond Necklaces are the best there are. Handcrafted by the finest craftsmen in India and made available word wide at the most affordable cost. American diamond necklaces have become very popular recently because they offer great shine and deliver a good in-hand feeling. 

American diamond necklaces are best for functions and big events. Style them with a nice rich saree and you are good to go. There are chokers, simple necklaces and pendants made out of 

AAA-grade quality American diamonds and our collection of AD necklaces have them all. Hop onto our collection of necklaces and get regular exciting discounts on American diamond necklaces.  

Polki Kundan Necklace

Polki Kundan necklaces are the soberest and classic necklaces of all. They have a nice off-white vibe and suit almost any dress or outfit. Niscka has a standalone kundan necklace, a polki Kundan choker necklace and also a gold-plated kundan necklace. Styling polki kundan is relatively easier as kundan can make any colour look more vibrant. We also have different coloured polki kundan necklaces like blue and emerald kundans. 

Polki kundan necklace when paired with a matching pair of earrings makes anyone look more mature and sober. Polki kundan looks amazing in wedding outfits and traditional dresses. 

Oxidised Necklace

Oxidised jewellery is a class of its own and oxidised necklaces are an all-time favourite of Indian women. Oxidised necklaces are the most classic of jewellery. Oxidised necklaces and their necklace sets with matching earrings when styled with complimenting dresses make up for the perfect Indian outfits. 

Gold-toned Necklaces

Niscka’s range of Gold-tones necklaces is a league of itself. Our gold-toned necklaces are 24K gold-plated and hand-crafted into fine traditional designs. Temple, Choker, Maharani, South Indian and Matar mala gold-plated necklaces are all available on our website. Gold necklaces are perfect to style with Indian outfits. Gold-plated necklaces with matching earrings and maangtikka can complete any Indian outfit and make you look royal effortlessly. 

Temple Necklaces

Temple jewellery is another very famous traditional Indian jewellery. Temple jewellery has a depiction of Indian gods and is usually made of gold. Temple jewellery makes up for the best traditional jewellery that one can style at a traditional event. Niscka’s range of gold-toned temple necklaces and necklace sets are all highly detailed and the quality is superb. Temple necklace when styled with matching earrings on a traditional saree gives you a nice traditional look with a rich classic vibe

Choker Necklaces

Choker Necklaces are those necklaces which are very close to one’s neck. These close-fitting necklaces have gained quite some popularity. Niscka offers choker necklaces in various designs and types. Our American diamond and gold-plated chokers are the most preferred ones. A Choker necklace looks best when worn with a statement-making saree or lehenga. Style our American diamond choker necklace set on a dark-coloured Banarsi Saree and you will steal the spotlight at any event. You can also check our collection of Kundan chokers and meenakari chokers. 

Pendant Necklaces

If you are not a fan of heavy or chunky necklaces and tend to go for lighter jewellery then pendant necklaces are best for you. Pendants are very versatile and there is a wide variety of designs available out there. Pendants are light-weighted and vibrant, they also make up for amazing giftable. Niscka’s collection of pendants consists of amazing gold-plated and american diamond pendants. You can easily style pendants with any outfit whether it is a top or a glittery party dress our pendants will easily game up our attire. 

Zirconia Necklaces

Zirconia or CZ Necklaces are another types of necklace which are known for its shine and royal designs. CZ gemstones are very attractive and are used to make different types of necklaces like pendants and tennis necklaces. CZ necklaces are the best choice to go with your date outfits and party dresses. 

Fashion Necklaces 

You are bound to get bored with the traditional and customary designs of necklaces and to change things up Niscka brings a line of stylish fashion necklaces. These necklaces are a perfect present and can be worn on any day of the week. Fashion necklaces have creative and unique designs which are naked you look different and attractive. Fashion necklaces are ideal to style over tops, dresses and shirts. 

South Indian Necklaces

Necklaces have come a long way and yet the south Indian necklaces are the best necklaces which are rightfully balanced. Our South Indian necklaces are light to heavy gold-toned necklaces which have good finishing. These types of necklaces are worn at traditional events and styled with matching earrings and sometimes with a maangtikka as well. Niscka’s south Indian necklaces are heavy and yet comfortable so you can easily wear them for hours without hurting your neck. 

Matar Mala Necklaces

Matar mala is a special type of traditional necklace which is unique to India. Niscka offers a variety of gold-toned Matar mala necklaces which have the original traditional design. Matar mala are long and heavy necklaces which have gold beads in intervals. There are also layered Matar mala necklaces and pearl matar mala which are dominating the Indian jewellery market right now. Matar mala is the first traditional necklace which comes to mind when there is an Indian wedding. 

Meenakari Necklaces

If you like a punch of colours then Meenakari necklaces are made for you. When combined with kundans and gemstones, Meenakari necklaces become very attractive. These necklaces are ideal to style with a colourful dress or to make your sober and dull dresses joyful. Choker, long necklace, heavy necklace you name it, all of them look good with some meenakari work.  

Why Niscka’s Necklaces are the best 

Our necklaces are the best in the market as they are cost-effective and have good build quality. Niscka offers a wide range of necklaces with more than ten different types of necklaces. We offer all our necklaces at pocket-friendly prices which are unrivalled on the whole internet. Niscka’s necklaces are handcrafted with the finest quality metals and the detailing in them is near perfect. Necklaces are perfect for gifting and our unique set of necklaces will be ideal for your bis surprises.  

What sets us apart is the value of money and the customer experience that we offer. Our wide range of products is offered on our website. Keep track of live offers as Niscka regularly offers discounts on its collection of necklaces. 

How to style Fashion Necklaces

The easiest to style necklaces are the fashion necklaces. As they are very versatile and can be worn over many outfits. Fashion necklaces are available in a variety of designs and colours.  Generally, girls wear western clothes like party dresses, tops and skirts. The best type of necklace that one can style on these outfits are fashion or imitation necklaces. Niscka’s range of exclusive fashion necklaces will be ideal for day-to-day outfits and also for late-night parties. 

Style our american diamond necklaces on your party outfits like a bodycon and strapless dress. 

How to style Traditional Necklaces 

Traditional outfits are incomplete without a traditional necklace. Niscka’s speciality lies in our range of exclusive traditional necklaces and necklace sets. From Matar mala to temple jewellery necklaces there is so much more when it comes to explorings traditional necklaces.   

Traditional necklaces are perfect for events like weddings or Puja. India is the land of festivals and culture and every Indian celebrates all these traditions with a bang. It is important to look good at a festival and the best way to do that is to style a heavy silk saree and top it with a nice long maharani haar or a gold-toned Matar mala necklace. Wearing a traditional necklace instantly gives you a nice royal vibe and boosts your confidence. Our line of artificial traditional necklaces has one necklace for every traditional Indian dress. 

Niscka’s best necklace sets and how to wear them

Necklaces look best when they are styled with matching earrings. A whole necklace set is what brings out the best of the outfit. When paired with a matching Manggtikka the whole outfit becomes exquisite. Niscka offers several necklace sets which are usually offered as combo offers as well. 

When you have to style a necklace set it becomes quite easy to choose an outfit to go with it as most of the jewellery is sorted. Necklace sets give you a wholesome final view.   

What makes fashion necklaces a much better choice

Fashion or Imitation necklaces are now a much better choice for ladies because they are pocket friendly and offer the same experience that the original diamond or gold necklaces offer. Not only that artificial necklaces are crafted by the same master craftsman and on the same machinery as the real necklaces. The only difference is that they use synthetic material which is hardly any different from the real.

Our Necklaces shine on par with the original and offer the same comfortable in-hand feeling. Our necklaces are not only 10 times cheaper we offer them at the most competitive prices on the internet. You can check a similar number of sites and see the difference in the prices yourself. You can wear our jewellery without worrying too much. Another positive is that there are more colour options and designs available for Necklaces. You can have multiple necklaces for different outfits. 

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