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Choker Necklace and Its History

It is very fascinating to know about the history of choker necklaces. Almost nobody would have an idea about where they came from. Although, they haven’t changed over the years with materials. We still use pearls, diamonds and other precious stones. The style, which has a close-fitting against the neck, has remained the same since it first came into existence.  

History of Choker Necklace

Chokers have been embraced since the start of the earliest human civilization. They have been around us for almost a thousand years now. The history dates back as far as Ancient Egyptian Culture in addition to Mesopotamian Culture with Sumerians. They were also worn in the First Century A.D and as mentioned in the Talmud, book Shabat they were known as a common accessory for women. Sources have found they were noticed in the French Revolution in 1789. But it is also found in history that they made an appearance even before Anne Boleyn (1507-1537) was portrayed wearing a Choker Necklace in the painting of that era. Then it peaked around the later 18th century when Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom wore it. Once, Alexandra wore it to hide one small scar.

Choker Necklace and Its History

Anne Boleyn 

Now in the 20th century, they have become even more popular. Paris Hilton wore a three-inch Swarovski around her neck in the year 2002. Rihanna is also seen wearing the choker necklace matched with different designer necklaces.

Choker Necklace and Its History

Left - Rihanna, right - Queen Alexandra of Denmark

As a symbol of Protection

The earliest civilization adorned them regularly. They believed jewellery had special protective powers. Ancient Civilizations believed that wearing jewellery on different parts of the body aided them to protect themselves from negative energies. They wore jewellery on their wrists, neck and head; these parts needed most of the protection. They were used more than just styling. Women wore them as amulets, protective gear for the body. 

Niscka’s Choker Necklace Collection 

With changing times they were adorned by women with so much love that it is still the most trending piece of jewellery. The style with the different materials of Kundan Stones, Oxidised Silver Bodies. The Meenakari Designer Necklaces with Earrings. We will showcase some of our Traditional Choker Necklaces which you can wear for certain occasions or choker necklace sets which have a Gold Plated body for times when you want to wear something unique and glamorous.    

Our pretty baby pink Choker Necklace Set with Dangler Earrings. The set has a Beaded Chain of Choker with Kundan Stone embellishment and has precious Pink Stones hanging beneath.

We also have a Gujarati Style Necklace Set with earrings. The style is distinctive all because of the choker necklace as the pattern followed represents Gujarati Culture.

An attractive black Meenakari Choker Necklace with Kundan Stone embellishment. The earrings have a geometric pattern on this one. The Gold Plated body is a plus point. They can go with almost all of the dark or light base wardrobes. You look graceful enough to make everyone stare at you like never before!

Oxidised Necklace with beautiful pearls and a pair of Earrings. This one is a Boho Choker Necklace. It can match well with your Indian Attires or you can simply pair it with Kurta and Pants.

The choker necklace has been a style statement for women for a very long time. They make women feel different in their presence. The style is unquestionably beautiful! You cannot change your mind for them. Shop your jewellery from niscka.com

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