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Choosing Gifts For Women: In-Depth Guide

Choosing gifts for women is a tough job to do. A gift is always something when a person adds personal thoughts before buying or preparing something. They are a crucial decision to make and one should always have 100% assurance before buying anything for anyone.
But, how do you do that? What are the varieties you look for? Do you prepare before buying the gift or think about what to give? Or you just buy before giving any thoughts! As we know, if you are reading this, you’d want to buy the best present for someone.
It can be a present for your beloved partner, your mom, sister or your friend.  You would like to follow and understand the best way to find the gift for your loved one. With so much passion for your person, we would love to guide you the best.
Choosing Gifts For Women


Figure out what she likes to wear

The first step is to recognize what your person likes to wear when she’s the happiest. Because obviously, you’d want something for her that she wears and feels good. You can check her jewellery box and the things she has in there. Avoid doing it when you are around her. You do not wish to drop hints! By this, you can get an idea of what she likes to keep in her jewellery collection.   

 You can ask yourself questions about what you saw in her collection:

  • Are her jewellery pieces big in size or minimal? Do they look subtle or are all of them fancy?
  • Does she have a silver jewellery collection or gold jewellery? Or does she have a mixture of both? 
  • Does she have a colorful pop collection or does she follow some dominant color type? 
  • Is there any specific style she follows? 
  • What does she have in her collection, earrings, rings or necklaces? 
  • What type of designs are in that jewellery? Florals, geometric patterns or minimalist forms? 
  • What specific jewellery style does she favour, studs or danglers? Does she have more Traditional Jewellery or the casual fancy style? 


What type of person is she? 

You need to jump deep into the details, to get a clear idea about what she likes. You should know what type of person she is when you are choosing a gift. For example, you should look for any particular stone she likes to wear or thinks is lucky for her. Does she like more statement types of jewellery or just the ones which are trending? 

Always remember to ask yourself these questions before choosing anything for her. In addition, you can also pound into details like, she loves to have attention or it's the opposite. These questions are essential because you can only present something with love when you know the details of the individual. A little research with evidence is the best move you could make.

her jewellery

Phone a Friend 

It is immensely important to consult her friends or other people around her. You’ll get more ideas about her choices. Sometimes there’s a possibility her friend can know any particular item your person wants to have.

Girls usually exchange their wants and needs. So consulting her friend or siblings can do wonders for you. If you want a size confirmation ask someone about her ring or bangle size.


After all, this little research for the person you want to buy a present to is enough. Now you have to just decide the best for her and present it. The absolute beautiful one for her! On Niscka we have the most precious looking jewellery pieces. From Earrings to anything Traditional. We have fancy jewellery with classic timeless traditional jewellery. Just everything you need! 

Tip:  After you have chosen the perfect gift, you need to make sure to add a personal touch to your package. Prepare a gift card with a beautiful heartfelt message on it. A simple message from your side could make her feel special. Also, do not forget to gift wrap it uniquely. A present which is packed with love leaves a very pure impression on the person. It does not have to be particularly a fancy one but a little bit of effort makes it extra special and exciting.

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