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Earrings Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Different Style Of Earrings

Earrings have been adorned by women since ancient times. They are a style statement every woman loves to show off. Without a pair of earrings, every outfit is incomplete. From the most bouncy dangle earrings to the elongated style of drop earrings, everything is loved and every style is precious. There is a wide variety of earrings in the market. From the most loved drop earrings with the stones, pearls and zircons embellishment. The edgiest to dainty pieces have a specific style, color, specific backing up types and even a specification of style placement on the ear. The designs are modern with a hint of ancient vintage touch to bring out the best in the beauty of Earrings.    

Most Popular Earring Style of 2022

Studs, Drop and Dangle Earrings are the most loved and embraced by the women of the 20th century. They are most adorned by women of all ages. They can be matched easily with anything you want to. The studs are minimal in size. While dangles have different lengths usually like stone or a pearl hanging beneath. The drop earrings can be small and also have an elongated design. Every style differs. Dangle Earrings with different types of stones look just as spectacular as stud earrings which sit on the earlobes perfectly. 

Brief History of Earrings

Earrings has been adorned since ancient times. Earlier they were made of up tiny pebbles, stones and feathers. Men and women both wore it as a talisman to protect themselves from the negative vibes. The different stones with different energies helped them to bind the protection spell. Now with Human Evolution the fashion statement also changed and the materials used were also different with a much larger variety. From the cheapest materials to the expensive metals like Gold or stones like diamonds. Earrings came in and out of fashion from the 17th century to the 19th century according to the demands of women. 

Types of Earrings

There is the availability of different styles of Earrings. You can choose from the most desired elongated tassel earrings to the tiniest stud earrings. Find a pair which matches all your style and ensembles. The design varies from piece to piece. You can choose one style for your casual day look and one for a party night full of fancy dressing and the best accessory styling. Today we will describe to you the types of earrings which you can wear and the kind of design earrings have and the materials used in the making. Here we go! 

Stud Earrings

The best use of these minimalist earrings is that they sit on the earlobes perfectly. Without any doubt, studs are the most wanted and popular style of earrings. Many will agree that they are most fashionable and forever loved by every generation. 

Their design and construction can be made of many shapes and the most popular style is the round cut diamond, stone or a single pearl. A single stud of Diamond is the most adored! Also, they can be made from clusters of multiple stones. 

They are the most versatile and can be matched with almost all ensembles. Today, working women and girls who go to university, love wearing studs because of their small size and exclusive precious design.

Studs from Niscka

Studs from Niscka

Hoop Earrings

They are jewellery with circular designs. They are crafted with metals and have a wire closure through your ear piercing. It is the most spectacular and the boss of the versatility of all earrings. A pair of wardrobes can be taken to different levels of beauty when matched with a single pair of hoops. 

They come in different sizes, body structures and designs thick like a tube and are sometimes embellished with sparkly gemstones and pearls. They come in distinctive sizes from small to oversized hoops! The size can be as large as touching your shoulders. They were first glimpsed in Africa. Women by black women, most precisely in Nubia during the 4th century. They were popular between both men and women. The look was sporty and dainty for all to carry.

Pearl Hoops from Niscka

Pearl Hoops from Niscka

Dangle and Drop Earrings

Dangle and drop earrings hang below the earlobes and have a variety of designs, from simple chains, tassels or stones. Dangle earrings have quality as their name describes them: Dangly. Never stays still like their twin Drop Earrings. Most pieces have a unique length to them and with slim chains or elongated metals. The dangles can even touch the shoulder and sometimes even your collarbones. They are famously known as shoulder dusters in the jewellery industry. 

The drop earrings have a longer and stationary silhouette. Usually with a gem, pearl or stones at the bottom of them. Their elegant length makes them stand out from all the categories of designs. Some of the drop earrings can be dangly, while others are mostly fixed and sturdy in their design. There is no major difference between the two styles but it is loved by all women!

Drop Earrings from Niscka

Drop Earrings from Niscka

Chandelier Earrings

They first originated from India, Greece and the Middle East. The style is fabulous. Some of the oldest pieces were found in Greece and were believed to date from the 5th century B.C. The design is dangly, with elaborate filigree styles ranging from diamond, pearls, colorful stones and so much more.

Chandelier Earrings from Niscka

Every design of earrings has its charm. From the fanciest Hoop Earring to the versatile Stud Earrings, everything has its definition of beauty that one can embrace. We suggest you keep each style in your collection for a variety from which you can experiment. The Earrings available in Niscka are light in weight. You can shop for the most trendy and updated collection from Niscka. Click to shop.

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