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Guide to Gold Plated Jewellery From Niscka

All women admire jewellery. They are an integral part of their life. Choosing affordable jewellery with the most classic and contemporary design is not an easy job. Do you worry about choosing the right pair for yourself at an affordable price? Worry not! Niscka will help you understand the facts and buy the best jewellery for yourself.

Gold Plated Jewellery Set from Niscka

Gold Plated Jewellery Set from Niscka

What is pure gold jewellery? 

Pure gold jewellery is available in variations of “24k”, “18k’,  “22k”, “17k” and much more. The purity of gold is measured in karat. 24 karat is the highest on the purity scale. As a metal, gold is soft because of its properties and it is easily malleable, so it is not suitable for jewellery making. To make the gold strong in jewellery form, a small percentage of a strong metal like copper or zinc is added.  

When metals like copper and zinc have been added the value of the karat is decreased. The picture below describes all your queries regarding the composition of pure gold jewellery.

pure gold jewellery

Now, what is Gold Plated Jewellery?

Gold-plated jewellery has a thin layer coating of pure gold. The base metal of Plated jewellery is usually made from copper, brass, nickel or sometimes silver. The purity of the gold plated varies from 24k gold to even 10k gold. 

Benefits of Choosing Gold Plated Jewellery

The advantage of Gold Plated jewellery is that they are pocket friendly and the designs are as beautiful as real gold jewellery. The affordable prices make this one user-friendly. This is the best alternative jewellery for pure gold jewellery.

The material of the jewellery is very strong because of its composition. Pure gold jewellery has the disadvantage of its fragile nature.  

All of the information is relevant for the person who wants to buy affordable jewellery for themselves. 

Guide to Gold Plated Jewellery From Niscka

Some Disadvantages of Gold Plated Jewellery

The one major disadvantage is that you cannot resell the jewellery. It has no value. If you wish to buy jewellery for investment purposes then you can go for pure gold jewellery but not gold plated jewellery.

Plated jewellery is not water safe. It can cause tarnish or discoloration. It can even lose its shine. The lustre also decreases when the jewellery is in constant touch with the body sweat. So taking care of jewellery is necessary. 

Tips to Take Care of Gold Plated Jewellery

Always clean your jewellery with a soft cloth. Avoid material with rough quality. You can use a cotton ball. Rubbing too harshly can lead to scratches. 

Store your jewellery away from moisture. Keep them in different pouches to avoid any tarnish. Keep them safe from your body sweat.

Keep them away from harmful chemicals. Any cosmetic like foundation, or hair sprays and lotions. It's a rule to follow. Always wait till your makeup is absorbed in the skin and then wear your gold-plated jewellery.

Niscka has a wide variety of Gold Plated jewellery with elegant and timeless designs. The one which you will always keep close to your heart!  We will showcase to you some of Niscka’s most loved jewellery:

Buy the ones you like the most in the first look! We have amazing discounts for the people who are going for their first-time purchase. For more details, you can check our website Niscka.com

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