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How to carry Turtleneck with Jewellery: Top 7 Suggestions

There are a few things in life that we have always hated but in adulthood, they turned out to be our favorite! Turtleneck is one category. The style is very versatile and can be carried with effortlessness and ease. Every woman looks smart when she pairs a dainty piece of jewellery with a turtleneck. The style is distinctive because of its all-time presence since the start of time. They are seen and adorned by actresses from long back. It’s common for us but not new. Although during the summer season it can be very uncomfortable for some women to carry them. But when we are near frosty days, the style is the best you can choose.

Alaya F’s envy

Now when we talk about pairing your endearing pieces of jewellery with turtlenecks, there are a few tips and jewellery which you can follow on Niscka and also get to know about the trend which you should go on with. The style can be experimented with for sure.

You can wear turtlenecks easily in your office, when planning to meet a friend or go on a coffee date with your lover! Everything works best with the style because of its vibe of smartness and versatility. We will talk about the pieces of jewellery which you can match best with your turtlenecks. Here we go: 

Layered Necklace

First, we will start with new trendy Layered Necklace Sets. These days Gold Plated and Silver Plated Layered Necklaces Sets are much adored by women. They have a very chunky appearance which makes one look smart and elegant. Chunky Jewellery looks very classy if paired with the right wardrobe. Here is Niscka’s Layered Necklace Set, have a look. This one looks fabulous when worn with White Basic Turtleneck.

Moon Charm Layered Necklace

Moon has a deep connection with women all around. They are embraced in every cycle. The stars along with Moon Jewellery are like icing on a cake. It gets better when they are together. The star layer of the necklace is the main beauty of this necklace, but we just cannot keep our Moon in the second position. So the piece overall is just heartwarming! The gold-toned body makes it attractive. As I mentioned above, Gold Plating is admired these days so you can pair this with your turtleneck wardrobes with mastery.

Choker Layered Necklace

Choker Necklace is just a lovely choice to go with turtlenecks! They fit into your neck style and make your neck look sleek and a little longer. Chokers are a style which can never go wrong. A tip to take away with the Choker Necklace is that they are not a good match for office. The style does not match the environment of the office. In simple words, they do not balance the look. The person looks well dressed with the choker necklace styling while going out to a party, casual lunch date with your best friends or anything you’d want except the office.

Sleek Body Necklace

What do you prefer the most? A sleek body necklace or the chunky one? The choice varies from person to person. We have an exotic Gold Toned V shape necklace. It is unique in its design and pattern. Usually, turtlenecks look best with chunky jewellery but sometimes when a person likes to go with the subtle look, these thin body single chain necklaces are the best to match!

Onyx Stone Earrings

Niscka’s Onyx Stone Earrings are the best to go with. They are available in different colors and the textures are very distinctive. It’s not plain. A little roughness and unfinished shape to create an edgy look. The Gold Plating is the beauty of the earrings on the adorable leaf charm and the body of the earrings. You can check more on the link here. But for now, check out these impressive Ballerina Pink Earrings to match your turtleneck dresses. The tip you can keep in mind while creating your whole look is to tie your hair up in a ponytail or messy bun. It looks best when the hair is tied.

Single Stone Necklace

This piece of Necklace has a single American Diamond stone. The body is Gold Plated. These subtle-looking necklaces are looking the best for the women who have to go to the office and wear some classic piece of jewellery without overdoing it. This one is the perfect match for all the working women out there! The color is timeless Gold which can rock almost with any color outfit you’d like to wear.

Oxidised Necklace

The oxidised jewellery looks ethnic and still adds a modern touch to it. This oxidised necklace piece has a heart design with bird and thorn charms. This can be adorned gracefully with your ethnic bohemian tops which have a turtleneck line. This one makes you ready for a get-together at your home or a simple festival like Janmashtami or rakhi. The best choice for the women out there who love to experiment with their style

Choose the necklace you’d like and shine like a big diamond! Just make sure your jewellery or your turtleneck should not overpower each other. Buy something which uplifts your look and balances all! And always buy jewellery which is comfortable to carry. Try for yourself! We have tons of variety and they are just a click away.

Happy Shopping!

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