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How To Match Jewellery with Your Outfit - The Complete Guide

It’s always been a hassle to match your outfits and jewellery and get that desired look that you imagined would look absolutely stunning. We’ve all been there when it’s great to have choices, but too many of them create confusion. The outfit game has recently been levelled up and as far as the jewellery to complement them is concerned have also been used in a variety of different and creative ways to add that spark to the overall outfit. 

No matter what the occasion is every lady has that one go-to amazing lehenga that never fails your expectations, choosing the right dress leaves you with only one challenge and that is to pick the most fitting jewellery which will perfectly complement your dress and make an impact but the whole sea of options makes this very challenging, But not anymore Niscka’s professionals have created a styling guide(Our style look book) to help you pick the best jewellery to go with your amazing dresses and complements your style. Starting with -

Niscka American Diamond Jewellery

Blue Lehenga / Blue Dresses

You can always go with similar coloured jewellery such as a blue American diamond necklace and top it off with matching blue American diamond earrings, a ring and blue bracelets this would give you a classic complete look. You can always experiment and wear contrasting jewellery some of our recommendations are -

  • 24K Gold Plated Necklace Sets - A sober silver necklace never disappoints you they provide a natural glow and aura which is loved by everyone!
  • Silver plated necklace with matching earrings and maangtikka. A blue lehenga or a blue dress will always be complemented by an all-silver jewellery set.
  • Contrasting bright coloured jewellery - you can spice up your outfit with different coloured necklaces and complementing rings and bracelets and have a vibrant balanced outfit.
  • Black signature jewellery sets - you can always count on your black necklaces and bracelets to complete your outfits without fail!
  • Oxidized jewellery set- A sober oxidized necklace with oxidized jhumki can very well give a new look to your blue outfit and give you a stunning royal feel.

You can also get amazing looks by just using a nice minimal Maang-tikka from our maangtikka shop. American diamond maangtikka set can complement your blue dresses perfectly and in a balanced way.

Niscka American Diamond Jewellery Look Book

Red Lehenga / Red Dresses

Whenever you decide to style that perfect red lehenga of yours. You must go with Niscka’s amazing red gemstone American Diamonds set. A complete set with a red American diamond necklace, ring and American diamond bracelet and if you want to go lighter you can go with a sober pendant and matching studs depending on the vibe that you are trying to achieve you can experiment with oxidized earrings and Meenakari necklaces too.

Choker sets and heavy white pearl necklaces can also be styled with dress dresses to give a balanced vibe to the whole outfit. A red Meenakari maangtikka set can also be a fitting choice if you wish to have a bunch of colours and an overall vibrant look.

We have a variety of red earrings which will be perfect for your red dresses and you can decide the one you want by matching your hairstyle and using our style guide.

 Niscka American Diamond Jewellery Set

Black Lehenga / Black Dresses

A classic black lehenga is the most stunning and common dress to wear to an occasion but the trick is how well can you use your jewellery to stand out and look unique. A modest American diamond necklace with silver plating may be the most appealing pick for a black dress and if you want to add a new touch to your outfit you can also go with an oxidized necklace with matching earrings. 

Styling a nice minimal necklace with your black outfit with matching earrings may do the trick and give you a nice modern go-to party look. You can also go through our necklace collection and find yourself a nice luxury necklace to make the most out of all your black dresses. A nice pearl necklace will make your sober black dress look royal and give a pleasing aura, a white pearl Meenakari necklace can be an alternative to this

Niscka American Diamond Jewellery Set

White Lehenga / Light Coloured Dresses

Getting the best out of your white lehenga or white dress can be a tough task as mostly all the coloured jewellery doesn’t go well with the light-coloured dress and appears to be over contrasting, therefore, choosing the right coloured and type of jewellery is very important. 

We suggest going with a layered necklace which may be gold or silver-plated with matching earrings having a light shade will be suitable. Kundan Meenakari Pearl Set or Crystal Stone necklace set can also be a good pick if they give you the desired vibe. A minimal 18K gold plated pendant might be the best pick to go with your white dresses on some occasions like a birthday party or a wedding anniversary.

Niscka American Diamond Jewellery Set

Pink Lehenga / Pink Dresses

That perfect pink lehenga of yours needs a perfect pink American diamond necklace. A pink dress is always the favourite no matter what occasion it does the trick and adds more charm to your outfits. Pink pearl necklaces have been trending for a while and they perfectly complement your pink dresses. American Diamond earrings and bracelets together may give you a nice vibe with accessorising less and giving you a comfortable feel.

Gold or silver-plated jewellery has been an evergreen choice for your Signature pink lehenga. Olive, navy or chocolate coloured jewellery can perfectly add elegance to your outfits. you can go with a traditional pendant or a Meenakari necklace if you want a nice rich traditional look. To get a modern look you can always try multilayer necklaces, minimalistic pendants or American diamond choker sets and add elegance to your night.

We all know adding the appropriate jewellery to your dress will drastically alter your look. It will complete your outfit, making you appear flawless and effortlessly elegant. Your jewellery is a reflection of your personality and style, so everyone will have different likes, but with the above professional guidelines, you can choose the perfect jewellery for your outfit. 

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