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Bollywood Inspired Jewellery Collection from Niscka

Jewellery is adorned by women of every age. A little girl with her flowery bracelet or a young woman with her shiny earrings. Everything in jewellery is worth trying and admiring once you have the right match of jewellery for yourself. You are worth everything you demand, for your pleasure and grace. 

Bollywood-inspired jewellery has a crazy trend. We usually look up to the latest designs and styles and take inspiration from various actresses around the world. Some of us even believe in taking inspiration from a particular idol whom we like as a person or maybe just by their amazing skills. It can be acting, dancing or maybe just showcasing their classic attires at a particular event. Fans do keep a note of everything.

Niscka as a jewellery brand keeps updated in following trends and cultures that are happening around. We tend to provide our customers with the latest trends in jewellery. We believe in a fast and updated sense of dressing. So we try to maintain the pace of Inspired Jewellery as high as possible! Although sometimes we do miss out on our trend because a lot is happening around the world but still, it's better late than never. 

Let's take a look at various inspired jewellery collections. Although most of them were featured on our website before they were showcased by the actress's. But here we go, with the list of the Inspired Jewellery:

Bollywood Inspired Jewellery Collection from Niscka

Our TV actress and an inspiration for so many women after her superb contribution to the TV industry, Rubina Dilaik wore a Gujarati Style Choker and paired it with a casual Bohemian Dress. Niscka has this beautiful pair, handcrafted especially for all the oxidised jewellery lovers out there.


Bollywood Inspired Jewellery Collection from Niscka


Vaani Kapoor wore these pretty pink floral Diamond Earrings styled with a purple flowy gown at Karan Johar’s birthday bash. We have similar earrings with more defined finishing and shape, in our stock. You can shop them at Niscka.

Bollywood Inspired Jewellery Collection from Niscka


Kiara Advani wore similar jewellery in the movie Jug Jug Jeeyo and during a promotional photoshoot. We have the similar earrings! Check them out.

Bollywood Inspired Jewellery Collection from Niscka


Wearing similar jewellery as our idols can be inspiring and also keep up updated with the trends and fashion happening around. All women love to wear jewellery and admire themselves in the process. Join Niscka in the jewellery game and make it stronger than ever!

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