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Jewellery for Anniversary Gift 

Your Anniversary marks the day when your love story began. With all the ups and downs you both decided to make your way through problems like a team. Trying to maintain the balance between the two you both have come a long way. It’s time to celebrate your love and cherish some precious moments of your journey together. Although, every day is a celebration when you love the person you live with but expressing your love for them is immensely important. 

The celebration should be the one your partner remembers for a lifetime. While every year of marriage is worthy of celebration, landmark years deserve some extra attention. They are typically recognized as 5th, 10th, 15th and so on. Gifts should be given to your partner which she can cherish whenever she thinks about it. Diamonds are women’s favorite. Gifting them to your women can be very impactful. Women just adore diamonds more than anything.

Niscka brings you tons of varieties which you can gift to your lover and you can be sure of impressing her. We guarantee you! We bring some antique pieces of jewellery for the jewellery gift you are planning to give to your lover. Here’s the list:


Women love to flaunt their earrings. Whether your partner wears drop earrings or stud earrings, these exquisite diamond earrings are good to lure her. Plus they have an amazing shine to them. The orange color is very light and mesmerising. Your partner would love it for sure!



Bangles are every married women’s favorite accessory to wear. The designer ones are embellished with Precious Stones and Diamonds and are very attractive for women. Even simple ones are loved by all. We have these amazing Rose Gold plated Diamond Bangles.   



Bracelets can be worn mostly anytime with any attire. Women love to keep some accessories which they can wear at all times. Bracelet is the one for your partner. We have these Rose Gold Plated Bracelet, with an openable end. Easy to wear and shine bright!



A necklace for your partner would be a perfect choice. Women love to highlight the neck and flaunt them with most of the most precious necklaces. A simple Diamond necklace can make her most lively and beautiful. We have a perfect Necklace Set with Earrings which you can gift your beloved.



Rings look gorgeous on those dainty fingers of your woman so why hesitate in giving new ring? Niscka has preciously handcrafted diamond rings for your beloved. Let the diamond sparkle with your love for her!         


We bring the best Jewellery Collection for you. You can rely on us anytime you wish to gift your partner. Even when there's no occasion, giving gifts to your loved ones is a form of expressing love. We are here whenever you need us. 

Happy Shopping with Niscka

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