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Meenakari All-time Favorite for any Occasion

The Meenakari word is derived from the name Meena which is the feminine translation of the Persian word Minoo. The meaning of the word Meena states heaven or paradise, Kari means to do or put something onto something else. Thus the word Meenakari means to place or put paradise onto an object. The word Meena is said to have been the inspiration behind Meenakari. The artisans in India were introduced to this art through the Mongols who invaded the country. 

Meenakari painting is the art and process of painting or decorating various types of metals like gold, silver, etc. This is done with vibrant colors in spectacular designs, patterns and themes of flowers, leaves and birds including all flora and fauna. Gold surfaces are the metal preference for Meenakari designs for the longest time since it is able to hold the enamel better than most metals out there. It is one of the old art forms. The painting is the most complex because the designs are done on metals and it requires a great amount of strength, precision, focus, dedication and skill with accuracy. Patience is the key.

Meenakari All-time Favorite for any Occasion

Process of Meenakari

The making of jewellery is an art that compromises using brilliant colors to design the surface of the metals in the most wonderful way. Meenakari requires a metal stylus to engrave intricate designs on the metal surfaces and later fill them with exotic colors and create a mesmerising design. The color induced on the metals is then fused and further hardened to maintain the uniformity which is needed over the painted surface. The magic element of this painting is to rub lemon or tamarind over the surface just to make it shine better with lustre and enhance its beauty. The craftsmen today are using this art in both traditional and modern design patterns.

Meenakari Jewellery is finding its way back at a faster rate. They are usually created in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and as the jewellery lovers are choosing the best for themselves they are admiring this form of decoration on jewellery and in India, the pace is also increasing. At Niscka we have a great collection of Meenakari Jewellery with a variety of Kundan Stone embellishments. The options are just endless. We will showcase our best product of the time. Choose the one for yourself which you can keep forever and cherish for a lifetime. Here’s the list for you. 

Do you admire something minimal yet a piece of precision and delicate impressions? We have these amusingly crafted Meenakari Stud Earrings. You can wear these studs with your Indian attire. Just perfect for you!

Chandbalis are just the trendsetters. The perfect shape of the moon with the fantastic detailing of the peacock. Here is the one for your colorful soul, with a beautiful design of fauna!

Jhumkas are loved by every woman out there. And whether the occasion requires something fancy or it’s just your mood. You can never get bored of them!

Here’s the other one for you! With a pretty dark green color and yellow gold plated body. The body is decorated with geometrical motifs with a blend of florals.

If you want something pretty and small for the day. This is a suitable piece of Meenakari Earrings for you. It has perfect designs of different color patterns on it with your favorite pearls hanging beneath!

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