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More About Rings: Design, History and Fashion

A symbol of love and commitment. The ring can be a gift for an heirloom which is carried down through generations as a legacy for future generations or a commitment band for your partner/beloved. A mesmerizing gift for your friend or a signature for the true value of someone in your life! It has been used as the most worn category of jewellery. They serve purposes such as fidelity, authority and social status.

Ring is a circular band of Gold, Silver, Platinum and other jewellery material. Other precious materials can be used as well. Rings are not only worn on fingers, they are for toes, through the nose and ears as well. It has been used and adorned by men and women both.
Parts of Ring


Parts of Ring

The ring consists of basically three parts: a circle or a hoop, the shoulders and the bezel. The circle can have a circular, semicircular, square, cross-section, twirled or flat band shape. The shoulders consist of thickening or enlargement of the circle/hoop wide enough to support the bezel. The top part of the ring body is known as a bezel. It can be a simple flat table or it is designed to hold a gem or some other stone. The setting can help the gem or diamond to look larger than it already is. It also acts as a secure setting for the Diamond or Stone of the setting. 

Rings with Bezel 

The Bezel rings are strikingly modern. They have a clean graphic design. The frame makes the diamond pop, making it an excellent pick for women who are attracted to sleek and minimalist fashion. The setting also offers a lot of perks. One major advantage is the security to hold the gemstone. The Diamond is surrounded by metal on all the sides it is very unlikely to become loose or fall out. The bezel acts as armour, holding the precious stone in place and protecting it from damage.

Origins of Rings

The Rings were found in the tombs of Egypt. Primarily, signets or seal rings were used. A seal was embedded on the bezel. Egyptians would have the names and titles of the wearer on the ring carved in hierological characters on the bezels.

Ancient Egyptian Gold Ring, dated to the 26th dynasty (664-525BCE)

Greeks used the rings as a mere decorative item. During the time of the Hellenistic period, they were used, with the help of bezels, to embellish precious gemstones like carnelian, garnets or tourmaline. Amongst the Romans, the rings were a symbol of the social status of hierarchy. To further embrace the concept, they were used as custom rings or engagement rings essentially making marriages with a symbol of promise and commitment of love.

A Lot of 16 Roman Gold Rings, 1st century B.C. - 3rd century A.D. (with gemstones engraved)

After the emergence of the various styles, rings were one of the most inspired and loved ornaments for all. Including, the glorious past styles being embraced and then the witnessing of industrial and new fashion outbreaks. This evolution even made a way for machine-made rings. Fascinating, isn't it?   

Fashion in the 20th century

Rings as a part of the ornament family have been applauded for their symbol of commitment and promise. The design may not have been changed vastly but surely given a rise to the use of different quality materials and components of metals. 

From the lightest weighted rings to the staked bundles of multiple rings, we have come a long way in fashion jewellery. The stacked rings were never out of fashion to be precise when we use the term ‘fashion’. Nothing goes out of fashion, the styles pick a pace in the industry and then the same follows over the globe. This is the case with any particular design. 

The materials used to make them stronger and designed have been composed keeping in mind the latest likes and dislikes of the individuals. The Rings are crafted with the same mindset. To make a design which suits the individuals and one can also embrace the versatility of the final product. 

The craftsmanship has been getting better with lavish use of colorful stones, beads, pearls, cubic zirconia, fine jewellery material which is skin safe and the various forms of artistry explored on the rings like beautiful Meenakari and Kundan Stone embellishments.

Kundan Stone Embellished Ring
Kundan Stone Embellished Ring

Rings are an important part of the jewellery collection. They have to be embraced till the end of time while starting a new life with your loved one or embracing your friend because she’s been with you in all your sorrows and happiness. Niscka has an upcoming brand new ring collection which will be updated in a while. The collection entails fine rings crafted with American Diamonds, coloful stones and skin-friendly body materials. Stay tuned for exciting offers and exuberating products!   

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