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Must have Bangles in your Jewellery Collection

Bangles are women’s favorite accessories to adorn. Without bangles, every outfit is just incomplete and half fulfilling. It’s the easiest way to take your Indian wear look a notch higher. These wrist clinchers have made their way into women’s jewellery collections effortlessly by making them women’s ultimate accessories. Ladies stand marvelling at bangles for about generations now, going from simple metals to multiple bangle styles that are impossible to list in one go! 

Significance of Bangles

Bangles were always loved by women from ancient times. They did not always come endowed with gold or other precious metals. Ruins from Mohenjo-Daro's excavations show that bangles were made of copper, shells and terracotta. They were initially painted with black or red designs and worn by both men and women. Over time it was said that the usage of bangles help in increasing blood circulation. 

Traditional Significance

Bangles hold a very influential place of pride in Indian Wedding Ceremonies, very much similar to Mangalsutra, which is an identity of a married woman. The colors used differ from one community to other, which denotes different meanings. For example, among northern communities, a set of red and ivory bangles is known as the chooda and is known for a special ceremony. In western regions, referred to as the hirwachooda in Maharashtra, green bangles signify prosperity and are given to women on auspicious occasions. 

Go with the Bling!

Gold plated bangles crafted with precious water drop Kundan Stones! The ultimate pretty bangle with smooth detailing and a fine finish that will take away your heart in one look. You can match these with Indian Outfits rich in colors like red, green, pink and purple. Do not bother about the colors though-gold bangles go with everything! We also have a thin Kangan Bangle Set of Purple and Green stone embellishment. Very different from the Pearl Studded Kangan Bangle. Both are Gold Plated.  

Staying Classic Ruby with Gold Tones!

The classic Gold Plated Kada Bangles are studded with precious Ruby Red Stones and American Diamonds. The design looks more distinctive than other Kada Bangles. The shine is alluring! The diamonds are embedded with precision and detail. Ruby bangles come in numerous designs, with the most expensive ones designed in combination with gold, diamonds and other precious gems. You can match them with your Indian Wardrobes without any hassle as we know gold tones match everything and the shine of American Diamonds are perfect!

Pearls and Diamonds Befriended!

We have this fantastic Kada Bangle Set. The gold-toned finish is just superb! Your perfect pick for any celebration. The most graceful way to create a sophisticated look is by sliding on a set of pearl bangles on your wrist. They look best when paired with thin body bangles. They are a great touch for family festivities like Laxmi Pooja and Govardhan Puja.

Traditional Ponchi Bangle Set

They are Rajasthani/Rajputi Traditional Bangles. Very extraordinary in its size, shape and color. They look best when worn with Indian attires. The golden beads just give them a whole new style. They are decorated with floral design and Kundan Stones. The best part, they are supported with soft silk or satin cloth beneath and the closure is easy because of the cord-style type.

Pacheli Pearl Beaut!

These bangles are decorated with tiny white pearls and multi-colored Kundan Stones. Kundan lends a soft, ethnic touch that’s hard to match with any other piece of jewellery. In fact, these types of bangles are just perfect by themselves when you are not in the mood for doing much jewellery.

Epitome of Thread Bangles!

The thread bangles are the true reflection of intricate femininity. They just automatically add a charming look to your whole wardrobe. Playfulness is the key here. Fun with bright hues of blue, pink, green and yellow. Decorated with tiny precious Kundan Stones. We have just got you settled with our variety! If you are experimental, you can go for this chic look easily. Plus point, you don't need to pair them with any other Bangles. They can alone rock your whole look!

Niscka has an end number of a variety of bangles. While in India, Gold Bangles are women’s first love, Kundan Bangles, Rajasthani Ponchi Bangles and all other different styles are slowly becoming new favorites because of their fluidity and timelessness. Women love variety and options. The accessory is simple enough to be styled according to your preference and personality. Something which you can find nowhere is already here! Check out our latest products at www.niscka.com

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