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Radhika Merchant’s Jewellery collection and Niscka’s inspired jewellery

The house of Ambani has been quite famous for its marvellous collection of jewellery. All the females in this house flaunt their trending jewellery sets on any occasion. Nita Ambani is one the most famous figure in India when it comes to jewellery. She is well-known far and wide for her majestic necklace collection.


 Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant 
Image Source:indianexpress.com


This family never fails to spread elegance and charm wherever they show up. Women have been known to love diamonds for as far as you can tell. Nita Ambani the wife of the biggest businessman in India also has many lavish diamond necklace sets. No matter the event the females of this family have always dressed to impress. The weddings in this house are the most exotic ones in India with Bollywood stars and the top business tycoons enjoying the shows.

Anant Ambani the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani recently got engaged to Radhika Merchant daughter of Viren Merchant. Once again, this engagement was a blast and it was held at the Shrinathji Temple in Rajasthan's Nathdwara, which is about 350 km from Jaipur. Later Mukesh Ambani hosted a mega party at his house many celebrities showed up to this party which include Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt. There were several other big faces but the spotlight was on Radhika as she looked stunning in her pink suit and diamond bracelets.

Radhika’s Jewellery collection is magnificent as she was seen wearing amazing necklace sets at many past events. From Haar to the diamond necklace she has it all. In a recent event, she could be seen styling a nice double-layered diamond choker set. Radhika loves to wear diamond drop earrings which she usually styles with modern kurtas. She is known for her love of necklaces however on her engagement she decided to go sober and not wear any necklace. But in all the after-parties and photoshoots, she could be seen wearing amazing necklace sets. In the photoshoot of Ananat and Radhika’s Roka ceremony, she was styling a heavy emerald diamond necklace set over a pink rose lehenga. Later she styled an off-white diamond and pearl necklace over a creme saree. These big faces make a great impact on the public and inspire them to wear such lavish necklace sets.

Niscka offers a large variety of inspired necklace sets which would look amazing at any wedding event. From all these events one thing is for certain that is diamond necklaces are a must. Styling a diamond necklace on big occasions can never go wrong. Niscka has taken the love for diamonds into consideration and collected the best American diamond necklaces for Indian ladies to have a feel of diamonds.

Hop onto our collection and we are sure that you will definitely like most of our products. Niscka offers the same quality products and the best customer experience to all at the most affordable price range. If you specifically love the diamond necklace then we suggest that you have a look at this Emerald Drop American Diamond Necklace Set which is inspired from Radhika Merchant’s Roka’s emerald diamond necklace.



Niscka’s American Diamond necklaces, earrings and bracelets are on par with real Diamond jewellery in terms of shine and quality. What’s better is that we take care of your pocket and offer you thousands of products to choose from. Another Radhika-inspired choker set is the Classic American Diamond Choker Necklace Set This piece is identical to the one she wore in one of the after parties at Ambani’s residence.



Radhika’s collection of jewellery is not only limited to diamond necklaces. She also loves to wear Pearls and Gemstones. She could be seen wearing minimal pendants and light necklaces along with diamond earrings and bracelets. There are several items inspired by Radhika’s collection. Starting with this Designer American Diamond Jhumka which is perfect for any big event or occasion which need a lot of glamour and shine.Niscka’s American Diamond Rhodium Designer Necklace is the ideal minimal diamond necklace set which is light and will make you stand out amongst all the ladies.




There are several American diamond bracelets from Niscka which are the perfect add-ons to your party dresses. (Any bracelet link) There are many American diamond bangles from Niscka which could be what you are looking for. Also, check out our minimal pendants like the Sunflower American Diamond Pendant Set and the Crescent Moon With American Diamond Pendant.



Niscka also keeps in mind people’s love for Pearls. Niscka’s arsenal has the finest pearl jewellery from pearl earrings to pearl necklaces. Our traditional jewellery collection is amazing and consists of many amazing pieces like the 24K Gold Plated Matar Mala with Pearls and Gold Plated Red Kundan with Pearls Studded Necklace which make up for the perfect traditional outfit. Hop on to our traditional collection and explore the vast collection of traditional jewellery waiting to enhance your traditional outfits.



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