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Rakhi 2022 Collection

Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious day to celebrate the love of brother and sister. On this day a small ritual is done, sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers' wrist. Small pooja thali is assembled by the sisters which have sweets, rakhi, roli and chawal for tikka and a diya. The ritual is done at a specific time which is specifically known as shubh muhurat. The day is celebrated with love and embraces the bond between brothers and sisters. 

By this time, Rakhi selection by the sisters has become very keen. Women buy Rakhi pieces which are unique and beautiful looking. There is a certain charm in buying Rakhi which is beautiful looking. Niscka has an immensely pretty collection of American Diamond Rakhi. The Diamonds are intricately handcrafted laboratory cubic zirconia with utmost fine finishing. They are durable and long-lasting. It has the shine which you can only find in the American Diamond Rakhi Collection from Niscka. And the pricing has been done in keeping in mind the quality of products. Not to forget the Rakhis are handcrafted with immense love for your brothers and following the choices and latest trends these days.  So if it's expensive then it's worth buying! ;)) 

The first one is the design which you like by looking at it from afar. The Rakhi has an alluring centre flower with beautiful Pink Gemstone. The Rakhi is Gold Plated with brown colored beads which is the x-factor of the Rakhi. The color of the beads is pastel and is unique from the other beads you might have seen before. Buy this one for your special brother if you like something fancy.

This Rakhi has a Bhai emblem on it with a charm. This one is distinctive from all because of its exclusive centre design. It is surrounded by clean-cut cubic zirconia. For the brother and sister who share a bond of friendship and admiration.

We have a Rakhi with a sunflower-resembling design. The American Diamonds embellished are in baguette and round cuts. The finishing is just mesmerising! You cannot step away from this one because of its exclusive design. They are more into the trend now, the ones with botanic patterns.

Do you like something simple with a punch of colors? The one is just for you then. The beads have an attractive color. The best quality of this simple design is that it can be liked by almost everyone. Some of your brothers may wear something fancy and some just prefer simple things in life. So this is a special one for the brothers who embrace simplicity.

This Rakhi has the emblem of Morpankh and Bansuri, a spiritual resemblance. Lord Krishna is the bearer of Bansuri and Morpankh. If you and your brother are a follower of religion, you can tie this one on his wrist. This Rakhi can boast the feeling of peacefulness and unity.

This one has two charming flowers in the design. The body is Gold Plated with the embellishment of American Diamonds. This cannot be compared to any other Rakhi design. It has its own uniqueness. Try on this one for some eye-pleasing experience.

We hope you like our new American Diamond Collection. The designs are special and made for Rakhi 2022. Celebrate this time a special Rakhi with Niscka and rejoice with your brothers.

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