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Rakhi: An impression of your love

Rakhi is a timeless festival celebrated between brother and sister. The eternal bond of love and protection is cherished by a knot of thread and a bite of sweets and savouries. It is the time of the year that inevitably brings families together. Divided by the distance of land and merged by celebrations of all generations. We all gather together during this auspicious muhurat and tie Rakhis to our brother’s wrist and finish the ceremony when our brothers give us some monetary gift as a form of blessing. Usually, our distance becomes a problem when we decide to gather for a festival. Some of us may have less time to travel and some of us may receive less amount of holidays to celebrate blissfully. Whatever the circumstances are, we do gather and do our small ritual of love and experience the momentary affection of our brothers. Or if the meeting isn't possible we prefer sending our brothers a parcel of Rakhi which can be booked online easily. 

Rakhi is celebrated in the month of Sravana, this year it’ll be celebrated on the 11th of August. A study metal platter (Thali) is decorated with wet turmeric powder, rice, sweets and rakhis during the ceremony. We also add some Marigold Flowers for decoration which represent the Sun, symbolizing brightness and positive energy. The thali presentation often includes a small sacred flame in a small brass container in honour of the Hindu God, Agni. And with all these rituals our Rakhi Ceremony gets accomplished. 

Rakhis can be either handmade or can be bought from stores or online. They are crafted using attractive and brightly colored, sturdy thread embroidery floss. Some sisters take time to craft their Rakhis at home. Most of the Rakhi collection features a central eye-catching element, a brightly colored, fluffy pom-pom ball. They also include a decorative combination of beads, colorful stones, and sequins ending with a pair of strings so they can be tied onto wrists. But as times are changing, variety is expanding. We have Chain Rakhis, Rakhi Bracelets, Single Thread Rakhis and many more. They are decorated using sparkling stones.

Niscka will bombard you with some beautiful Rakhi collections this season. We have exquisite handmade Rakhis which have precious designs and colors. Every sister wants the best of Rakhi for her brother. We would like to showcase to you Our Rakhi Collection:

  • Floral Stone Rakhi

We have a magnificent stone Rakhi in our collection. Very preciously handcrafted with clay and threads. The color combination used is bright and alluring. Navy Blue Stone is a perfect choice for your loved brother.


  • OM Rakhi

Om Rakhis are finely decorated with Meenakari Art. These ones are very refined and the color is really fresh. A perfect Rakhi for your protective brother.


  • Evil Eye Bracelet Rakhi 

We have our Fancy Evil Eye Rakhi Bracelet. Evil Eye is loved these days and is trending. You can buy these for your Brother and protect him from all the evil thoughts and eyes around him by tieing this lucky charm rakhi. 


  •  Pairs of Lumba Rakhis

Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhis are the easiest pairs to pick when you have to tie Rakhi to both of them and seek blessings. The Brown Rakhi has a beautiful tassel attached to it and is decorated with small golden beads. Pick the best pair for your loved ones!


Rakhi Season is just around the corner and the shenanigans of Rakhi have already started. Niscka would help you to pick the best of Rakhis for your beloved brothers. Something unique and just impressive. We wish to provide you with your perfect Rakhi just like you desire. Celebrate with love and harmony with Niscka. 


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