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Rise Of Artificial Earrings and How They Are Made

The Art of Making and Wearing Earrings has changed drastically as humans began to experiment with their styles and sense of fashion with time. Women and men began experimenting with their sense of fashion with different jewellery materials, artificial and real both. Artificial materials took the pace higher in the long run. They are now used vastly, more than real jewellery pieces just because they have a flexible style and versatility. Materials like faux pearls, colorful beads and threads, Swarovski stones, colorful rhinestones, designs with meenakari enamelling to make it colorful and bright, fine Kundan stones and polki stones embellishment and everything else in between. In short, materials are safe to carry, anti-allergic, and light in weight with gorgeous structures and designs.


Rise Of Artificial Earrings and How They Are Made


Styles always evolve with time and nobody wants to keep wearing old jewellery pieces. Every woman wants to have a vast variety of jewellery collections with them. It’s not easy to find beautiful jewellery pieces which have spectacular quality and long-lasting shine. And for that ladies, you need to take care of things more than you do in real jewellery pieces. Your artificial jewellery needs cleaning and good storing techniques if you really want them to last long.  

Drop Earrings

Earrings have been a part of every woman’s jewellery collection. You can skip having pieces like rings or beautifully crafted necklace set, but earrings are the ones you have the most. And not just one style, multiple styles to enhance your everyday look or make you look pretty at any point of the day. Earrings match pretty much everything you decide to wear. Crafting beautiful jewellery pieces needs a great amount of creativity, dedication and of course love and patience. We all know jewellery making is an art and one cannot create something if the person doesn't put their soul into the process. Jewellery-making needs your entire presence and efforts to bring out exactly what you need! 

We will tell you everything that is needed to craft earrings. It’s art so every day the requirements change in jewellery making but some basic pieces are needed in each one of the pairs. Here’s a little about them that you need to know.

Earrings Hooks - The hooks are attached to the centrepiece of the earrings and made of stainless steel and metal which is skin safe and hypoallergenic. The size of the hook is dependent upon the size and design of the earrings.   

Earrings Hooks

Jump Rings - They are used to attach or connect different parts of the earrings which in the end brings out the whole design. The rings are circular and they are made of metal and steel.

Jump Rings

Ornaments - They are pearls, different stones and beads. These materials are the main requirement for jewellery. They are the main elements in the jewellery after the body and hook type is made.


Earrings Back Type - There are many varieties of earring back types we have mentioned a few for you:

Post Backs: They are the most common type of earring backing and they can be used on everything from studs to drop earrings. There is a variety of post-back earrings which include push-back, screw back and lock-back closures. 

Hinge Back: They feature a hinged post that snaps onto a groove on the back of the earring. It gives a click sound and then you know it’s secure. They are popularly known as saddlebacks or hinged snapbacks. These are commonly used on hoops and huggie earrings. 

Clip on Back: The best part about these is that you do not need any piercing for this. You can gently clasp these on your earlobes and they will remain in place. It’s best for those who do not have piercings. 

Latch Back: They are known as lever back and they are commonly used on drop and dangle-style earrings. The wire can go through the piercing and clasps with the earring backing to form a complete loop. They are easy, durable and secure backing up for earrings. 

Earrings Back


Whether it’s simple studs or our fancy dramatic dangles, choosing a pair of earrings will need a finesse and sense of style to find the right pair. You have to pick jewellery but it should not make you look overdone. We'll discover different earring styles now. 

Stud Earrings 

They are minimal in size and stick snuggly on your earlobe without dropping downward, looping the background or climbing upwards. Just right on top of your ear lobe. It sometimes features a simple design like just a solitaire. They are the most comfortable to wear and look perfectly amazing with everything you decide to wear. They are the most popular earrings designs.


Dangle or Drop Earrings


If you want something flowy with a little bit of length, delicate drop/dangle earrings are the best for you. Drop earrings are always hanging below your earlobes and they remain stationary on the other hand dangle earrings are flexible and flowy in all directions. Both of them have intricate detailing. Best choice to make you look sophisticated and admirable at the same time.

Cluster Earrings


They mostly stick near the earlobes but are heavily crafted with stones and other materials, and grouped together just like a cluster. They are fancy and decorative earrings, a better version of stud earrings giving an attractive and luxurious look.

Hoop Earrings


They are the most versatile and admirable jewellery in our earrings collection. A versatile piece of accessory is a match with almost everything you decide to wear. They are available in different sizes from small to large. Small hoop earrings create an understated look while larger hoop earrings provide a more dramatic effect. Now you can also find open hoop earrings. Usually, they are simple metals in a loop but with time the styles have merged and it is now crafted with stones, pearls and everything else in between. The best design is the loop encrusted with American Diamonds! They shine magnificently and look beautiful.

Huggie Earrings


They hug the earlobes wrapping snuggly around them. They are ideal for women who want the look of hoop earrings without risking catching or snagging with their hairstyle or anything.

If you need any help in choosing the right pair of accessory for yourself you can always contact us to find exactly what you need for your Jewellery Collection and your most awaited occasion.

Happy Shopping!

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