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Significance and Importance of Mangal Sutra in Hindu Tradition

Mangalsutra is the ultimate jewellery which symbolizes marriage. The term Mangalsutra or  ‘Mangalsutram’ is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘mangal’ which means prosperity, happiness and success. And the ‘sutram’ means a cord. 

A mangalsutra is ideally made up of 108 (an auspicious number) fine cotton threads, twisted together and dyed in yellow color, made from saffron or turmeric. The thread has a gold thali strung in the centre.

Significance and Importance of Mangal Sutra in Hindu Tradition

But as times are transforming, there is versatility in the designs of Mangalsutra. Modern women need modern designs to carry effortlessly with grace. Some still wear the old and antique designer Mangalsutra. But some choose to wear pieces which have a touch of contemporary fashion.

Significance of Mangalsutra

The appearance is just like some usual jewellery for women. The Mangalsutra carries immense importance in the Hindu Tradition and the lives of Hindu married women. It is tied around the neck of the woman by her husband. It is taken off permanently when the husband dies. It is generally worn as a symbol of martial dignity. 

Importance ofMangalsutra 

The symbol is the bond of union between Shiva (husband) and Shakti (wife). An inseparable bond between the married couple. Hindu married women wear Mangalsutra throughout their life. It is believed to enhance the well-being of the husband and family. 

Usually, a mangalsutra is a black beaded chain with a gold wire. The gold wire and the black beads together destroy the distressing or negative vibrations. The black beads absorb the negative energy before they can reach the woman or her family. It is auspicious because of its protective qualities.

Significance and Importance of Mangal Sutra in Hindu Tradition

Designer Mangalsutra from Niscka

Design Consideration of Mangalsutra

The length of the Mangalsutra is traditionally long enough to reach the women’s Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra: associated with unconditional love, compassion and joy) located in the centre of the spine. The pendant is made of a small antique design. The two black beaded chains as mentioned in Hindu Dharma represent the union of Shiva and Shakti.            

Niscka has a pretty collection of Mangalsutra. The Gold Plated ones have floral motifs with American Diamond embellishment and much more defined designs on the body of the Mangalsutra. Have a look and shop one for yourself :)) 

A fancy Gold Plated Mangalsutra with a black beaded chain.

A designer Gold Plated Mangasutra with the embellishment of American Diamonds.

Niscka never wishes to disappoint you! As we mentioned above, modern age women require jewellery which is easy to carry and still keeps them in touch with their Tradition. For some working women, it is challenging to style the Mangalsutra with formals. So, we have a new design for all the Mangalsutra wearers out there!

Check out these adorable pairs of Hand Mangalsutra which one can carry beautifully. We wish you like them and shop instantly!

Hope you like our Mangalsutra Collection. They are made with love and the material we use is assured of quality. Shop more jewellery for your everyday style statement from Niscka.com only!

Happy Shopping!! :)

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