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The Auspicious Trend Of Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery is a classic and timeless piece of jewellery. It has been the women’s choice for years. Especially, South Indian people are more fond of this temple jewellery. It is inspired by historic paints, architecture, and statues of temples, and gods and goddesses. South Indian temple jewellery is made of gold and embellished with precious gems and stones. Before it was used to adorn the idols of gods and goddesses but later on it was found in the chest of the royal families. It is known for its artistic and beautiful artwork in ethnic jewellery. Temple jewellery is mostly popular in South Indian weddings. Because of its alluring appealing look, it has also made its way to a lot of other brides in India.

Temple jewellery is in the designs of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganpati, Goddess Lakshmi, swans, lotus, and various shapes. They are handcrafted with pure gold and other metals embellished with precious or semi-precious gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and pearls. It consists of chunky and heavy necklaces, bangles, earrings, nose pins, maang tikka, kamarbands, and anklets for women. There are unlimited sizes and shapes of temple jewellery. Today, temple jewellery is not only in gold you can find them in silver with gold polished, embedded with semi-stones which makes them affordable. North Indians prefer to use Polki and Kundan in their jewellery. It is the best thing for the bride who wants her jewellery to be auspicious and timeless for her big day.

                       Image Source: shaadiwish.com

Temple jewellery consists of every kind of jewellery you need. Choker has an intricate design that makes the look more pleasing. Choker necklaces’ antique finish studded with diamonds, gems, and precious stones makes them the favourite piece of jewellery for a bride. Temple earrings are the mandatory thing that should be on the list of brides. Brides also have temple Kadas and bangles that are intricately designed with the motifs of Gods and Goddesses. Its elegance and alluring look make them the best choice for any occasion to look classy. As temple jewellery is very famous in South Indian bride’s trousseau, it is becoming popular in North India too. Temple jewellery embedded with Polki, Kundan, and Meenakari work is getting famous in North India.

Let’s have a sneak peek at the temple jewellery of Niscka

Gold Plated Brass Temple Jewellery Set with Earring


Antique 24k Gold Plated Temple Necklace Set - Maharani Haar


24k Gold Plated Temple Matar Mala Necklace with Earrings


24K Gold Plated Temple Earrings with Beads


Gold-Plated Laxmi Pendant Necklace Set

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