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Tips to Keep Your Oxidised Jewellery Safe

Oxidised jewellery can look all jazzed up when you carry them effortlessly. They are just contemporary and timeless. They are versatile, and unique and can be paired with anything you like either western or ethnic. These oxidised ornaments not just elevate your style but also stay with you for years to come if you keep them appropriately. 

Oxidised Jewellery does not require much effort to keep them in its original color. We often fail to do little for our jewellery and end up either abandoning our favorite pieces or putting them back somewhere in the closet. When you love jewellery wholeheartedly, you should keep them nicely and try to maintain the polish of the jewellery by keeping them safe and covered. We will give you some tips by which you can protect your oxidised jewellery. You should follow the practices which will help to maintain them. 

  • Clean your Oxidised Jewellery before Storing

Cleaning your jewellery pieces before storing them is one of the prominent things to follow when you want to multiply their life. Body sweat mainly changes the color of the jewellery. The salts produced by our sweat react to the shine and lustre of the oxidised earring. 

So before storing them, wipe off all the sweat and keep them in a concealed place. As silver is a very delicate metal. Instead of any cloth, go for an anti-tarnish cloth or wipe that will not leave any scratch on it. Be careful while wiping them, as carelessness might lead to damage.

  • Preserve your Jewellery In the Pouches

If you genuinely have the desire to make your oxidised accessories for long-time usage, you can always keep them in the zip lock pouches or carry bag to retain their classic finish. When the jewellery is exposed to too much oxygen it tarnishes because of oxidization. Therefore, keep them in air-tight pouches. 

  • Never Use Cleaners

Most cleaners are meant for genuine gold, silver or platinum crafted jewellery and they are extremely harsh for artificial jewellery. Do not use any harmful chemical cleaner to clean or bring back the old shine. The best way is to keep them in zipped pouches.

Also, a point to be remembered, is that oxidised jewellery comes with some sort of black polish to give it that so-called, ‘oxidised look’. The polish comes to wear off a couple of times after wearing it. But there’s no need to worry and this is completely normal. 

  • Keep them separate from other jewellery

You can not store your pearls the same way you keep your gold jewellery. So generally when you purchase oxidised jewellery you will get separate pouches to keep them. Or keep them covered with ultra-soft fabric, they serve as the most effective way to protect your favorite accessories. Every ornament is different and has its properties. So use tips accordingly.

After spending so much amount on these fancy oxidised earrings, you should practise keeping them carefully and with full precision. Make sure it does not make you upset because of your small carelessness. Taking care of your jewellery will make them last longer.

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