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Top 10 Best Artificial Earrings of the Season

Earrings are worn by women to embrace beauty. They add a certain spark to your overall look. Women wear earrings which match their skin tone, wardrobe, and occasion. They add jewellery pieces to their collection which are trending. It is a never-ending journey for both women and earrings. Casually women like to wear a pair which is comfortable and light in weight. Some of the pieces are made especially for certain occasions. Like at weddings, heavy earrings and other pieces of jewellery are adorned by the women. At parties, they want to accessorize themselves with something glamorous yet minimal. For a girl's day out something poppy and colorful. We have tons of options with various designs. 

Whether you are having an elaborate jewellery box or just a few essential pieces of earrings, undeniably they are the most versatile accessory to carry. They can be basic but glamorous. If you're looking for minimal pieces with a maximum sparkle in jewellery adornments, Earrings are the best for you. 

Niscka has all the types of earrings you can think of. They are the best in quality and superb in their shine and color. We provide products which are amazing in their appearance and quality. Once you have a look at our collection, you'll realise we have everything you can think of and with pocket-friendly pricing.     

We have pieces of jhumkas, hoops, studs, teardrop or waterdrop earrings. Indian Jewellery with Meenakari and Kundan artistry. Earrings with oxidised body and various stone embellished earrings. We will show your Niscka’s top 10 Earrings of the Seasons.

Stud Earrings  

They are the most common type of earrings. They are found with various stone embellishments and floral patterns. We have several types to go with. Very simple and minimalistic style. 

We have American Diamond Stud Earrings with a floral pattern and silver-plated body.

A fancy pair of Silver Oxidised Stud Earrings. Gorgeously handcrafted Oxidised Earring.

Dangler Earrings

This is another variety of earrings that are getting more famous. They are best fitted for modern-day dresses and western outfits. As the name suggests danglers mean that they are strings which are attached to the centrepiece of the earrings. And the best part of dangler earrings is the strings hanging downwards giving them a good effect. If you are experimental then you can definitely give it a shot! Here are a few pairs from Niscka. They have shiny stone embellished in these earrings. Very light in weight.

They are small but very alluring in their design. The star shape has Green Stones embedded in them.

Jhumka Earrings

Jhumkas are a pair of earrings which are a must in a girl's jewellery collection. They are traditional in earring styles. They are covered with various stones or painted in multiple styles. We have new designs with fluid color patterns and meenakari and Kundan designs. Have a look and find the best jhumkas for yourself.

This pair is decorated with Kundan Stones and Meenakari Designs. The crescent moon with small jhumka bells. Very precious looking!

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are the most versatile of all earring styles. They are sober yet very fancy looking. Most conventional of the styles. Just always ready to match your style. They are available in all sizes. They can never go out of style. They are decorated with adorable white pearls. You can slay your whole look by just adding these hoop earrings.

They are preciously rose gold plated and have a very distinct design. You can carry them easily with your Indian Traditional Wear.

Sequined Earrings

They are joining in the new trend and fashion. Very light in weight and designed with various colors of sequins. They are made of cloth material with pretty and shiny sequins. Niscka has two types of sequined earrings. Black Heart Sequined Earrings, very chic in looking and has the attractive black color.

The white sequins are very light in weight and long in length design.

Earrings can never leave a woman's heart. Niscka has lots of designs in our store. Something which you can find nowhere is already here. Check out our latest collection with the best of designs only on. www.niscka.com

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