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Top 10 Pendants To Gift On This Valentine’s Day

The perfect piece of jewellery to style with your modern outfits this Valentine’s day is a pendant. Pendants are minimal and light weighted. They give you a nice trendy vibe without hurting your pockets. Pendants are very versatile and can be styled on any outfit like a top or a dress. One can also style pendants on traditional events on their ethnic dresses and add a modern touch to their outfits.

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and if you have yet not decided on what you are going to gift your girlfriend then Niscka has come to save your day.

Give your girlfriend a pendant and watch her smile like never before. Niscka’s collection of pendants contains the best handpicked and handcrafted pendants. Check out our valentine’s day collection and get amazing discounts on all our latest pendants.


1. Crescent Moon Pendant


2. Gold-Toned Snake Necklace


3. Delicate Gold Toned Necklace


4. Evil Eye Pendant Necklace


5. Rose and Star Layered Pendant


6. Solitaire Pendant


7. Pink Rhinestone Pendant


8. Pearl Pendant and Earrings American Diamond Set


9. Rose Gold Evil Eye Pendant


10. Spinning Flower Pendant Rose Gold

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