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Types of Piercings. Tips to take care of your Body Piercings

Want to get ear piercings done before this season is over? Try out the different types of body piercing to change the way you look and add a new charm to your transformation. Getting the piercing done can be an easy and exciting process, but we must also take care of the healing process. Today we will talk about the little details you need to take care of before choosing the right type of piercing. You should know what style will suit your ear the most. And for that, you need to know about the different styles and how to take care of the healing process altogether. Every piercing requires a unique procedure to take care of till the time it is completely healed.

Types of Piercings. Tips to take care of your Body Piercings

The piercing requires extreme care in the starting stage. Taking care of your new piercings is not an easy process, you should know how to take care to avoid infections and promote fast healing. We will discuss the types of piercing you can do and how to take off the tips before something disrupts the process. 


Ear Piercings 

There are different types of body piercings one can enjoy. Ear piercing is the first ever and most common for both men and women. On-Ear you can have earlobe piercing, helix piercing, daith piercing, and much more. If you get your earlobe piercing done at an early age the healing process is easy and without any complication or chance of infection. You just have to keep the area clean.

Nose Piercings 

One of the best ways to make your personality attractive is to get a nose piercing done. In Indian Tradition, before getting married it is somewhat important in a few Hindu Traditions to have a nose piercing. It is not important but people who follow old traditions get it done. It always enhances your appearance and makes you look beautiful at the same time! There are different types of nose piercings you can have. Like septum piercing, bridge piercing, and much much more. Choosing the right piece of jewellery to create a look exactly how you want is a whole process which you have to tackle with a lot of patience and mastery. Septum Piercing is one of the most adored fashion styles for young women. It has to be taken care of most keenly. It has to be cleaned regularly with warm water and cotton.

Types of Piercings.

Belly Button Piercing 

Belly Button piercing is famously known as navel piercing as well. Some experts suggest it is an easy and less painful process because of the flesh present in the area. It is typically inserted through your flesh or skin just right above your belly button giving a slight hang essentially just to highlight itself. 

Belly Button piercing has to be taken care of with a consistent cleaning process and it is not as intimidating as it seems, but your efforts to make it heal faster always give the results you expected in the long run. Caring for the first piece of belly piercing is not easy but it’s amazing if you keep doing it for the long-term benefits. 

Tips to take care of your Body Piercings

Tips to take care of your Piercings

The first thing to keep in mind is to find a professional who does the work with fluency and has the certification and proper licence for the piercings. You can also ask the person to use the right equipment and make sure it is sterilised for your benefit. The place should be clean and sanitised so you do not have to worry about the infections that come with it. 

Before you get the piercing make sure you have understood that it is a long process which will take time to heal. Some piercings can take just 2-3 three months to heal and some can take up to 10 months to heal. So first be sure about the one which you are getting and research about it to know about its cause and effects. 

You should also know about the swelling and redness which will take place and the time it will take to heal. Caring for the first piercing you have to take care to keep the effects good for the long run. 

Piercing Tips

Here are a few pointers you can keep in mind.

  • Do not ever think of scratching your piercing. It'll be hurtful and infectious for you. Do not scratch the area after the piercing and worsen it. 
  • Better to keep them away from water for days.
  • Piercings need cleaning right after it is done to avoid infections. 
  • Try and keep the area moist to promote fast healing and less itchiness. 
  • Do not use random soaps and shampoo for cleaning the pierced ears. 
  • Visit a dermatologist if you notice your ears getting puffy and yellow or whitish liquid oozing out from the piercings. 
  • Do not try to move the jewellery. Avoid fiddling with it. 

Tips to keep your piercings clean.

  • Before cleaning your piercing wash your hands to avoid any infection. 
  • Do not wipe your piercings with a hard cloth. Use cotton balls to swap away the stuck germs near the area gently. 
  • You should always keep the area moist. 
  • Do not clean your piercing with alcohol-based solutions. 
  • Avoid removing your jewellery before it heals completely. This can clog the pierced area with dirt and germs causing infections.
  • Avoid changing jewellery before it heals. 

Piercings are the best way to enhance your look and make you look more beautiful than ever! It’s one of the popular ways to transform your look and enhance your beauty. We hope you keep these little tips in mind and heal your piercing without any delay or causing infections. Keep it simple, clean and fresh. Try and be patient for the whole process, this will be the best for your hassle-free healing process. Once you know how it feels to wear different pieces of jewellery all around your body it’ll be the best thing known! 


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