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Valentine’s Day jewellery collection: Love is in the Air

Today we’re starting with the month of love which is February when love will be in the air and couples will make their bond stronger and more delightful. Valentine’s day is here and the love birds are already started to plan something special for their partner. Valentine’s week makes this month more romantic. Every seven days of this week enhance the love between the couples and give them a reason to love their partner even more. It is dedicated to celebrating love and romance in our lives. The week is started on 7th Feb which is rose day and followed by propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day, and last with the kiss day. Valentine’s day is important as it gives the occasion to celebrate love irrespective of religion and age. This is the best time of year when one can confess or express their love to their special one. Whether it is saying ‘I Love You’ to your crush or making your partner feel special.

Everyone wants to make their partner happy and wants to bring a beautiful smile to their face. And for this spending quality time together, going on a romantic dinner, planning a day out, going on a coffee date, surprising her with a weekend trip, and obviously giving a beautiful gift. And searching for the best gift requires so much brainstorming. But when it comes to gifting a woman jewellery is the most safest and beautiful gift. Because jewellery tells who you are. So why think so much when you know that jewellery is the best way to make a woman happy? If it's hard to select the best and most beautiful jewellery then you should look further at the blog where Niscka has provided the best collection. Remember life is too short to wear boring jewellery. Jewellery will always be the perfect choice that you ever made.

Let's see the best collection of Niscka for valentine’s day and this will definitely end your search for the perfect gift.

Wearing pearls and diamonds will bring a spark to the look which will make you the show stopper. Pearl sprinkles the charms in the look and the diamond makes the look more attractive. Know that pearls and diamonds speak louder than words. And this collection of Niscka which includes a 24k gold-plated American Diamond Chain Bracelet, and Silver Plated American Diamond Stud Earring will make this happen.




Women always want that their man treats them like a queen and gifting a royal maharani look jewellery set will make them feel like a queen. Loving your girl means treating her like a queen. And gifting a royal set of necklaces will help you to do so. Niscka is up a beautiful American Diamond Maharani Choker Necklace Set.



Well, Indian woman loves to flaunt their Indianness. And when a woman wants to wear ethnic she obviously wants to add the glitter of jewellery to make her look more beautiful. And this collection of Necklace set like the Ruby Wine Stone CZ Necklace Set and Emerald Luxury American Diamond Necklace Set will never disappoint you.




Minimalism is the new trend because less is more. Your social girl wants to be with trends. So minimalistic bracelet, earrings and pendants will help you to be on-trend. Minimalism lies in designs like Solitaire Pendant, and Silver Thread Earring.




Rings are lovely gestures that can be given to your special one. Because girls just wanna have rings. It represents the love for your partner. One can give rings like Halo American Diamond Ring, and Multicolour Rhinestone Gold Toned Ring.




Every girl wants to be up to date and following the trends will make it happen easily. Every piece of jewellery tells about the trends. Keeping the trends in mind Niscka brings out choker design sets like Crystal Choker Set with American Diamond and Emerald American Diamond Choker Necklace Set.




Simplicity looks more beautiful. When it comes to simplicity, jewellery pops up with the option of hoops. Giving a simple and beautiful gift will make your woman joyful. This simplicity will give your girl a classy and sassy look. Niscka is up with beautiful hoops for beautiful women like Silver Statement Hoops Earring and Rhinestone Statement Hoops Earring.




Niscka is offering amazing discounts to all the amazing ladies of India for valentine’s day which started on 1st February. Stay tuned for the next sale as you may get up to 80% off and an additional 15% off on a variety of articles.

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