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Versatility of Maang Tikkas

Maang Tikka has suddenly stirred up the fashion statement. The style has again begun to excite so many women. For a few years, they were kind of held back. But now the styling has emerged drastically. Women have started adorning them. The versatility has been getting better. 

Design and Versatility

Since the start of time, they were made up of precious Kundan Stones and Meenakari. Kundan Stone design is usually known by people by two connotations. The one which encases the polki stones and sometimes the cheaper glass stones. So basically, it is the mould in which stones are embellished. The Meenakari, on the other hand, is the art of enamelling colors and various floral motifs on the body of the jewellery. All Indian women love these two fancy ancient art. Specifically, these are the ones most women like to carry with Indian Traditionals. But we also have the American Diamond Maang Tikkas stirring the pot now!

Versatility of Maang Tikkas
American Diamond Rose Gold Plated Maang Tikka Ring with Earring Set


Wedding Season or your upcoming Rakhi 2022. Women always like to dress the best for specific occasions. To decide your attire is a whole different task and to pair the right jewellery is the thing. 

Niscka brings ample jewellery choices for you. The pieces are made with utmost delicate precision and lots of love! We will uncover some of the adorable Maang Tikka and Maang Tikka Sets for you. Look out for the best for yourself according to your face shape and shop for the one you find most eye-pleasing. 

The Meenakari Maang Tikka Set has an ideal red color. You can wear the set with your red, white or beige colored attires. This set has many more color options available on our website you can check it out for more here - NISCKA  

These layered Maang Tikka are a new fashion trend. The size of the Maang Tikka, when bigger than usual, looks graceful on women who have oval faces. Oval face cut can carry every design of Maang Tikka effortlessly. Everything just suits them perfectly!


The Maang Tikka has an extraordinary embellishment of Kundan stones and tiny white pearls. You can match them with your white and all the peach colored wardrobes.

This one can be worn by women who have square face cuts. The square face has very defined cheekbones and jawline with a lot of space on the forehead. Maang Tikka having a big round design with a drop of pearl or a bead will look stunning! Try one for yourself and find the right match :)

This Rose Gold Plated Maang Tikka is very distinctive. The Maang Tikka has an American Diamond embedded hook strung support. The Earrings are long and elongated.

The set is perfect for women who have round faces. On round faces, big Maang Tikkas will look very odd. They should go for Maang Tikkas in which they have elongated dangler earrings which will compliment their face and a smaller pendant Maang Tikka. The set is exactly what you desire for your round face.

Happy Shopping!

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